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GS1 Barcode Consultancy

The GS1 barcode system is used to encode information such as product numbers, serial numbers and batch numbers. These barcodes are symbols that can be scanned electronically using laser or camera-based systems. GS1 barcodes play an important role in supply chains. It enables retailers, manufacturers, shippers and other parties involved in the process to automatically identify and track products as they move through the supply chain. The GS1 barcode system manages various types of barcodes that comply with many ISO standards. Each of the barcodes in the system is designed to be used in a different situation. With GS1 barcode consultancy, companies can ensure the commissioning of the barcode system required for their products.

What is GS1 Barcode?

A barcode (technically called GTIN - Global Trade Item Number) is a number represented by vertical lines of varying widths on labels to uniquely identify items. It enables scanner users to quickly and clearly identify products, assets and documents.

GS1 barcodes are instantly recognizable 1D barcodes (2D ones are called data matrix) used in retail around the world and printed on almost every consumer product. The GS1 organization, which was created by the merger of the EAN (Europian Article Numbering Association) in Europe and the UCC (Uniform Code Council) in the USA, developed GS1 barcodes as the most basic barcoding system.

Today, there are many GS1 barcodes used in different products and supply processes. We can list the most frequently used ones as follows:

Ø EAN-8: It is used in small retail products such as cosmetics passing through sales points.

Ø UPC-A: Used in retail products that pass point of sale applications.

Ø UPC-E: Used in small retail products such as cosmetics, gum packs and cigarettes.

Ø EAN-13: Used on retail products that exceed point-of-sale applications such as periodicals, magazines, and books, as well as coupons outside of North America.

Ø ITF-14: It is used in standard product groupings such as dish soap cover (24 bottles).

Ø GS1 truncated databar: It is used in unit dose drugs.

Ø GS1 versatile unified databar: Used only in very small consumer products with GTIN.

Ø GS1 limited databar: It is used on very small health products such as small medicine bottles.

Ø GS1-128: Used for large volume products such as pallets or logistics units.

Ø GS1 extended databar: Used for additional information such as expiration date on fresh foods and also used for coupons in North America.

Ø GS1 extended and consolidated databar: Used for additional information such as expiration date on fresh foods and also used for coupons in North America.

Ø GS1 data matrix: Used for direct part marking of surgical instruments.

Ø GS1 QR code: Used by a consumer for marketing information received from a point of sale.

How to Get GS1 Barcode?

The legal representative and executive of the GS1 barcode system in Turkey is the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB). This system was established in Turkey in 1988 within the body of TOBB, and the name of the organization that carries out the system was later changed to GS1 Turkey by legal regulations, "Turkey Global Standards Supply Chain and Logistics Education Foundation" (in short GS1 Turkey Foundation). GS1 Turkey enables companies in our country to become members of this system and provides support to companies related to the barcoding system.

We can list the things that companies that want to get GS1 barcode should do as follows:

Ø Obtaining GS1 company prefix number

Ø Assignment of GTIN numbers

Ø Determining how to print barcodes (thermal, laser, engraving, etc. methods)

Ø Determining at which step (retail sales, general distribution points, etc.) the barcodes will be read

Ø Selection of barcode alphabet (EAN or UPC)

Ø Determination of GS1 barcode dimensions

Ø Determination of barcode text; If the barcode itself is damaged or unreadable, this text can be processed.

Ø Determination of barcode color

Ø Determining which part of the product the barcode will be printed on

Ø Creation of barcode quality program. The first 3 barcode samples created can be tested free of charge by GS1 Turkey. Firms created

Why is GS1 Barcode Use Important?

As the most common barcoding system in the world, GS1 provides numerous commercial benefits to companies. Some of these are:

Ø It enables companies to collect data faster.

Ø It eliminates the possibility of human error.

Ø It enables to make more accurate and healthy decisions.

Ø It reduces the training time of the employees on the subject.

Ø It is an inexpensive method for design and printing processes.

Ø Increases inventory accuracy and awareness.

Ø Increases operational efficiency.

Ø Distributors and customers healing and healing.

Both inexpensive and user-friendly, these barcodes provide a very easy, reliable and fast means of sourcing the supply chain.

GS1 Barcode Consultancy and Training Services

Comprehensive GS1 barcode support for companies to create and validate security systems for products. Thanks to this review, it is possible to have information about which barcode will be developed for which product and how a service can be obtained. Firms can label in some way to benefit from the GS1 Hosting project, and fast-moving sales of the supply chain are carried out. GS1 reviewable, real-time monitoring, monitoring, and demonstration of a system´s S1 to firms for path for proper review, review, and review