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HACCP Consulting Service

What is HACCP?

HACCP is an acronym formed from the initials of the words in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. To our language; It can be translated as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or Risk Analysis and Critical Control Points. As it can be understood from its expansion, HACCP; It is a food safety concept/standard based on the establishment and protection of a properly functioning system in order to present reliable products to the consumer. In other words; It is a standards/standardization system that standardizes or determines what needs to be done in order to maintain hygiene and sanitation conditions in facilities where food and beverages are produced.

What is HACCP Certificate?

HACCP Certificate is the document given to institutions/organizations that meet the standards specified by the HACCP System. The HACCP system is a standardization system prepared in the 1960s. of the World Health Organization (WHO); In an environment where he voiced his concerns about food safety globally, drew attention to various chemical hazards and microbiological contamination, and stated that food-borne diseases should be monitored, food safety, cleanliness and being healthy is an issue that is becoming increasingly important.
HACCP; It is a system that was first developed by the Pillsbury company in the USA in the 1960s for the purpose of producing "zero defect" products for the US Army and NASA. It is a system that has been used as a reference in official audits by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) since the 1970s. This system, which was initially applied only in the USA, attracted the attention of other countries, including the European Economic Community, and began to be implemented in many places.

Benefits of Obtaining a HACCP Certificate and Applying the HACCP System

HACCP System; It is a system that can be used as a reference in order to establish a system about what kind of risks may occur at which points during the preparation and cooking of food products, how these risks can be eliminated and how control procedures will be carried out. In addition, by applying this system, production errors can be prevented, and thus an increase in quality can be achieved while lowering costs. With this system, it can be ensured that the products are produced in a standard quality and accordingly, sales can be increased.
If the HACCP system is used together with the Quality Management System, high quality and safe food products can be offered to consumers at low costs. Thanks to the HACCP System, microbiological, chemical and physical hazards related to food production can be controlled. Research shows that the products of companies that implement HACCP standards in their businesses will be more popular in international markets. Compliance with HACCP standards has an important place in the sales and marketing strategies of companies. This system provides a serious competitive advantage when entering new markets. It has been observed that most of the companies that implement the HACCP system first apply the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and then they start to implement the HACCP System. Because the ISO 9001 Standard supports and accelerates the preparations for the HACCP system.

Is There an Alternative, More Comprehensive and More Up-to-Date System to the HACCP System Today?

In order to ensure full and long-term food safety, the products used in the production and obtaining of food must be of high quality and therefore the food must be of high quality. Although the HACCP System is seen as a food safety system in its essence, it can also be considered as a quality assurance system. After the HACCP System, in June 2018; The ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is a system that covers the standards for ensuring food safety at every stage throughout the food chain. In other words, this system also includes HACCP principles.
The HACCP System is based only on the production phase in relation to food. Therefore, it can be said that this standard has lost its validity with the emergence of the ISO 22000 standard. Some organizations that have HACCP Certificate have received ISO 22000 Certificate and have started to implement this system.

HACCP Consulting Service

Authorized institutions can be applied to obtain the HACCP Certificate. However, before applying to these authorized institutions, information about the HACCP certificate and the HACCP system can be obtained from a consultancy firm. In addition, information and assistance can be obtained from the same company regarding the preparations to be made for obtaining the HACCP Certificate. All of these transactions can be defined as HACCP Consulting Service.
If a company that wants to obtain this certificate applies to authorized institutions and receives support from them, it can make its preparations faster, easier and more expertly. In this way, it increases the probability of successfully passing the audits. In addition, any control It is the process of applying to a specialist company so that it cannot be passed with the right and not be repeated such as re-applying or making an appointment for the next inspection and not being tried in time. It is work and time for manufacturers to pass the first inspections that are on time and not wait for the inspection again and prepare again.

Basic Principles of the HACCP System

There are 7 generally accepted basic principles of the HACCP System. These principles are;

• investments in analysis and hazard plans,
• Decision Tree Facility Critical Control Points,
• Questions of Target Levels and Tolerances for a critical controls,
• Appropriate monitoring training to keep Critical Control Points under control,
• Review of “Corrective Actions” to be implemented against nonconformities and deviations at the entrance of Critical Control Points,
• Verification books that will exhibit HACCP,
• Preparation of the documentation structure for this application and applications,
is indicated as.

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