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Halal Food Certificate


According to the existing standards, a certificate type is determined for each product that is “suitable” in terms of Islamic criteria and humanitarian requirements, and it is aimed to meet both the producer and the consumer on a common ground.

As is known, buying and selling food in the country and abroad is provided under really difficult conditions. Both the suppliers and the last Muslim customer wonder whether the food they consume is HALAL and prefer products with halal certification when purchasing. Producers selling food products abroad have now started to come up with the requirement of HALAL CERTIFICATE. In addition to being a reliable Halal Food, this document is now used as the manufacturer´s marketing method. In companies that buy food from abroad and from abroad, they have now started to require the manufacturer to have a Halal Certificate.


- All processes of the product from the raw material to the finished product stage, all the substances and additives in the product composition comply with the Islamic criteria and humanitarian requirements in terms of origin, form and ways of supply and source of supply,

- The packaging materials and storage conditions of the product comply with humanitarian requirements and Islamic criteria,

 - Good manufacturing practices (GMP), good hygiene practices (GHP) and Haccp must meet the requirements.

- Halal certificate is valid all over the world, it has the qualifications that are suitable for Islamic criteria, humanitarian requirements, health and hygiene conditions, nutritional requirements in terms of both the production stages of the product, all the elements in the product composition, and the effects that may occur due to the combination of each element in the product composition. It is important.

What is HALAL Certificate (Certificate) How to get Halal Certificate? What are the benefits?

- Halal Certification provides an impartial expert service that checks products, additives, preparation and processing methods, cleaning and health conditions within strict safety rules,

- Performs audits by key personnel trained for halal information, in line with HACCP, ISO and other quality and safety standards, and who can rapidly follow the adaptation to new technologies and new additives,

- It ensures that the product and the manufacturer are recognized and promoted in Global Islam,

- It supports its participation in fairs opened in various countries.

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