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Hotel Hygiene and Sanitation Inspections

Hotel Hygiene and Sanitation Inspections

Hotels are undoubtedly one of the most important elements of the tourism sector. Hotels, regardless of their location, size, capacity, variety of services and concept, lead tourism all over the world. People prefer to stay in hotels that meet certain criteria for safety, comfort and, of course, hygiene when they go to other cities or countries for purposes such as work, vacation, education, conferences, etc. Among such criteria, it is necessary to place a separate bracket on the issue of decontamination and hygiene. Because although the hotel itself is safe, the food is delicious, the entertainment services are spacious and the rooms are comfortable, if it does not meet the hygiene standards in general terms, we can say that there is a very big problem. Therefore, hotels should undergo regular hygiene inspections according to certain rules and with certain periods.

Hotel hygiene and sanitation inspections have been one of the most important issues in evaluating a hotel today. We have witnessed many times that hotels that cannot meet the necessary conditions in these inspections are sometimes legally and sometimes in a difficult situation with customers. Therefore, hotel hygiene and sanitation inspections are mandatory for each department in the hotel.

Scope of Hotel Hygiene and Sanitation Inspections

In order for a hotel to receive a valid note in terms of cleanliness and hygiene and create an image of a valuable facility in the eyes of its customers, it is necessary to regularly inspect the following parts of it:

• Rooms
* Kitchen section
* Restaurants and cafeterias
* Places such as bars, nightclubs, etc•
• Areas such as pool, spa, hammam, toilet etc
* Lobby areas
* Conference and meeting rooms
• Areas where recreational activities are carried out
• Cold rooms and places where food preparation is carried out
* Beaches

Hotel hygiene and sanitation inspections differ depending on the hotels. For example, the inspections at a boutique hotel and a five-star ultra all-inclusive concept hotel will not be the same. In the same way, a hotel in a resort area and hotels that are usually used for business purposes in the city cannot be expected to undergo the same type of inspections. In this context, we can say that the hotel hygiene and sanitation inspections vary depending on the services offered by the hotel and the facilities it has.

Benefits of Hotel Hygiene and Sanitation Inspections


The benefits of facilities that have successfully passed such inspections can be listed as follows:

• Gaining a competitive advantage by making its name mentioned more often in a positive sense in the information sector.
• Providing legal services.
* Increasing customer satisfaction in a sustainable way.
• Preventing hazards and problems that may occur due to cleanliness and hygiene in matters such as food, accommodation, entertainment, etc.
• Creating an awareness of hygiene among hotel staff.
• Hotel hygiene and sanitation inspections also make it easier for our facility to comply with national and international standards on quality, environmental and energy issues.

How are Hotel Hygiene and Sanitation Inspections Carried Out?


In order for these audits to be carried out correctly and a valid audit report to be obtained as a result, accredited organizations should be contacted. Organizations that have the authority, knowledge and experience to conduct an audit issue an audit plan based on the characteristics of the hotel. In doing so, they benefit from the standards applicable in the national or international literature and the articles of some laws in force. Below you can see some examples of them:

* Environmental Law No. 2872
* Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331
* ISO/TS 22002-1:2009 Preliminary Requirements for Food Safety Programs - Part 1: Food Safety
* SO 18513 Tourism Management System Standard
* TS 13027 Hygiene and Sanitation at Food Production Sites-General Rules
* TS 13811 Hygiene and Sanitation Management System Standard
• Turkish Food Codex Regulation and Product/Reference Communiqués

As an example of topics that auditors who go to a facility for hotel hygiene and sanitation inspections examine, we can give the following topics:

• General hygienic condition of the enterprise
* Storage and distribution conditions
* Waste control
• Equipment used for hygiene and sanitation
* Suitability of the technical infrastructure of the facility
• Whether employees comply with hygiene rules
* Precautions taken against microorganisms that may be pests or harmful
* Disinfection applications

You Can Get Support from Aşan Consulting for Hotel Hygiene and Sanitation Inspections


If you are also a hotel owner or operator and you want your facility´s hygiene performance to be audited, the Consultancy will help you with everything. In order for your hotel to pass the inspections successfully, if you want to analyze the current hygiene situation and get detailed information about the applications that can be made, you can contact Aşan Consulting immediately. Aşan Consulting, which has previously advised many facilities on hotel hygiene and sanitation inspections and offers training and certification services, will also support you in everything. If you want to improve the quality, safety and customer satisfaction of your facility, you can contact us immediately and get information about the inspections.