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How to Get ISO 28000 Certificate?

The most up-to-date information and expert consultants related to the execution of security operations within the supply chain, How to Get ISO 28000 Certificate in Aşan? Contact us for the answer to the question and other details.


In addition to the scope of activities carried out by the companies in the sector to improve their market share, they should also work to reduce the costs in their production, services and supply processes. We need this standard in order to maintain the whole process of supplying the raw materials, producing the product and delivering it to the end user, safely and without any disruptions. You can call our numbers on our site so that you can have ISO 28000, which has many benefits, at the most affordable prices.

For companies that want the development of security operations in the supply processes of institutions, you can request a proposal from Aşan Danışmanlık. We identify all the risks in your supply chain and take the necessary steps to take the necessary measures for the production, storage, distribution and shipping of your products in a short time.

With the ISO 28000 Certificate, you minimize your risks against theft, looting and crime that may occur in the supply processes. You can get service from Aşan Danışmanlık to make your security systems more efficient and meet international standards.

How to Get ISO 28000 Certificate?

Regardless of your company size and number of employees, you can get ISO 28000 Certificate for your business. By getting the necessary consultancy for security management systems in the supply chain, you fulfill the requirements for your company. Let´s set up your company´s operational management infrastructure with Aşan Danışmanlık training and services. We need to provide ISO 28000 training and ISO 19011 Internal shooter training to at least 2 of your employees. We will need 2 of your employees who need to take this training and be ready. After that, when we make the infrastructure ready, your systems are developed and evaluated. When you are ready for the whole process, we will apply for certification to the relevant institution for your company. After the process starts, planning the audit date and obtaining the ISO 28000 certificate after the certification body´s audit will be the last step of the process.

It is strongly recommended that you get institutional support during the process of obtaining this document. The scope of your document must be determined correctly and the application must be submitted in full with the necessary documents. In order to obtain the ISO 28000 certificate, you will need to have a tax plate, an activity certificate, a circular of signature, a trade registry record, the last 3 months of the SSI declaration and other documents.

You will both increase the product quality of your company and reduce your costs. In order to increase profits and efficiency in the supply chain and to minimize possible damage, please call our numbers on our site.

For all the required documents and other details, you can get information from the live support line on the website of Aşan Danışmanlık.


The cost of the ISO 28000 certificate you will receive from Aşan Danışmanlık company will be very reasonable prices. We would like to offer a special offer for your company, you can contact us without hesitation to learn about our offer and for any questions about our offer. With a huge staff that has been operating in the field of ISO documents for many years, we ensure that you have internationally accepted certificates.

You can get ISO 28000 consultancy from our company by calling our contact numbers on our website.

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