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IFS Certificate

What is IFS Certificate?

The IFS Certificate standard is a standard recognized and accepted by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and created for the inspection of food manufacturers. The most important focus is on the quality of the manufactured product and the production process, and ensuring food safety and legality.
The IFS Certificate is applied to the International Food Standard, the production process or the first packaging stage to detect the situation of creating a food safety hazard to the product and to prevent the danger before it occurs. The standard is important for all food manufacturers, especially if there is a private label product production situation, it is important in terms of meeting customer conditions.
In recent years, food retailers have started to have a great responsibility on these products, as they offer the products of their brands to the consumers at their sales points. At this point, it became important to require manufacturers to provide evidence of product safety, quality and legality to protect their brand name and establishment reputation. The IFS Certificate International Food Standard has revealed the necessity of developing a uniform quality and food safety standard in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of consumers and to produce and present private brands with desired issues.

What is the Content of the IFS Document Standard?
IFS Certificate is a published standard for the inspection of the quality and food safety of food manufacturers´ products and processes.
The current IFS Document standard is the IFS Document version 6.1 standard. IFS Certificate Standards ensure quality, safety and operational criteria and reveal the compliance of manufacturers with legal requirements. These standards are currently required by leading retailers, manufacturers and companies in the food market. The framework of the standard establishes how food safety, integrity, legality and quality should be managed in industries that produce, process and pack foodstuffs, and this issue provides global recognition.

What Are the Main Purposes of the IFS Document?
• One common assessment
• Audits of accredited institutions and auditors
• Transparency in the supply chain
• Reducing costs at the supplier