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ILS Consulting

What is ILS?
ILS; It is an abbreviation consisting of the initials of the definition of International Labor Standards, translated into our language as International Labor Standards. Since 1919, the ILS system has been preserved and developed by the International Labor Organization (ILO). This system; It aims to promote opportunities for men and women to obtain decent and productive work in conditions of freedom, equality, security and dignity (dignity). In today´s globalized economy; International Labor Standards (ILS) are an essential component of the international framework for the growth of the global economy to benefit everyone.

ILO since 1919; It brings together the governments, employers and workers of 187 member states to set workforce standards, develop policies and design programs that promote decent work for all women and men. The tripartite structure of the ILO gives workers, employers and governments an equal voice to ensure that the views of the social partners are closely reflected in labor standards and in shaping policy and programmes. The main objectives of the ILO can be stated as promoting rights at work, promoting appropriate employment opportunities, improving social protection and strengthening dialogue on work-related issues. International Labor Organization; It was founded in 1919, after a devastating war, to pursue an ideal (vision) based on the idea that universal lasting peace can only be established if it is based on social justice.

The purposes and benefits of International Labor Standards;

• Creating full and productive employment and decent work for all,
• To provide the international legal framework for fair and stable globalization,
• To create an international legal framework regarding social standards and a level playing field in the global economy,
• To increase economic performance,
• Adopting an approach that balances macroeconomic and employment objectives, while also taking into account social impacts and overcoming economic crises,
• To provide an efficient and stable labor market for both employers and workers with fair labor practices,
• Representing international consensus on how a particular workforce issue can be addressed at a global level and reflecting knowledge and experience from all corners of the world;
can be explained as In Turkey; It has ILO offices in Ankara and Istanbul. 59 ILO conventions have been ratified by Turkey and 55 of them have entered into force.

ILS Consulting

If any consultancy activity related to International Labor Standards (ILS) is carried out, this activity may be called ILS Consulting. ILO offices working on ILS in our country are located in Ankara and Istanbul. Mission of the ILO Ankara office; “To have a strong, visible and proactive position in Turkey in its efforts to provide decent work for all by actively engaging with the government, workers´ and employers´ organizations, in conditions where the basic priorities, standards, interests and policies of the ILO are observed and its experience is disseminated” expressed as.

As can be seen in the paragraph above, there is no mention of any certification activity. It can be said that the ILO offices in Turkey function as the diplomatic representative of the ILO in Turkey before the government, social partners, stakeholders, the international community and the general public. The ILO Office for Turkey is working hard to establish the ILS in Turkey, developing, implementing and monitoring technical cooperation programs and projects to expand decent work opportunities for all. Companies that want to make arrangements within the scope of International Labor Standards (ILS) in their establishment can consult the Ankara or Istanbul offices of the ILO and request consultancy services from them.

Policy Areas and Work of the ILO

The ILO, which is the only organization among the United Nations organizations with a tripartite structure consisting of government, employer and worker, strives to develop respect for human rights, respectable living standards, humane working conditions, employment opportunities and economic guarantees, which are the basic elements of social justice, and to deliver them to all employees. Within the framework of these objectives, ILO Ankara; Within the framework of the memorandum of understanding signed with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on 10.02.2009, it has made the fight against child labor, increasing the employment of youth and women, strengthening social dialogue and preventing unregistered employment among its primary targets in the coming years.

Policy areas of the ILO; Child Labor, Women´s Employment, Youth Employment, Social Dialogue and Informal Employment can be specified as Occupational Health and Safety. The International Labor Organization and its partners do not want any child to have a future job that is detrimental to their health or development or that is respected in their future. Therefore, it has not been considered a one-time use until now. Child ILO in 1992 targeted the capacity and capacity to combat child labor in many countries, including Turkey, with the "Prevention of Child Labour" project. Child labor in Turkey in this school is an expenditure of child labor.

In addition to the issue of child labor, one of the policies of the ILO is Women´s Employment. Continuing with the Early work of the International organization´s "Work for the Whole and for the People" agenda of Women-Men Women. The ILO and its partners organize a worldwide event to achieve. The Ankara Office of the ILO has also conducted a lot of research on this issue of women´s employment, and with the “Promoting Social Equality and Employment Project” being implemented with İŞKUR, trying to employ the employee in Turkey for assistance.