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INDITEX Consulting

What is Inditex?

Inditex is an organization that works on the tests that manufacturing companies must pass in order to produce for some brands and the standards they must meet. As of now, there are 8 brands within Inditex or which are members of Inditex in a way. These; Zara is Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterqüe. In other words, Inditex is one of the world´s largest fashion retailers.

These 8 brands are big companies selling in many parts of the world. For example; Zara brand is a Spanish-based clothing and accessories brand. It was established in 1975. Zara is one of the 3 largest apparel companies in the world. As of 2017, it has more than 2200 stores in 93 countries around the world and 42 stores in Turkey.

As one of the fashion retailers located around the world, Inditex sells in 202 markets with its online platform or over 7000 stores in 96 markets. In order to be able to produce for one of these 8 brands, first of all, the Inditex Social Compliance Pre-Inspection must be entered by the Inditex inspection team or 3rd party inspection companies and the inspections must be completed successfully.

Before the audit, companies should be well prepared and correct their deficiencies. Otherwise, it cannot produce for these 8 brands for 6 months and has to wait for the next inspection for 6 months. In other words, it cannot be audited again until this 6-month period has passed. During this time, he can make preparations and make up for his deficiencies. However, if it is prepared for the inspections on time and properly and successfully passes the inspections, it can start production without losing this 6-month period. In this context, companies can get consultancy services from private companies on this subject in order to make the necessary preparations more easily before the audit.

What is Inditex Certificate?

The document referred to as the Inditex Certificate or the Zara Inditex Certificate; It is the document or documents owned by the company that has successfully completed Inditex audits. This document or documents may consist of audit results or documents given by the audit firm.

There are other standards, audits and organizations that serve a similar purpose as Inditex Audits and standards. Examples include the BSCI Association, Fama Audits and the SEDEX Organization. SEDEX and BSCI; Organizations operating with similar purposes, such as improving working conditions in global supply chains. If it´s Disney Fama or just Fama; It can also be expressed as a certification or certification activity carried out by Disney and the audits carried out within this scope.

Inditex Consulting

Inditex Consulting; It is the consultancy service given regarding the audits called Inditex audit or Zara Inditex Audit. This consultancy service can be provided by some private companies. The purpose of this consultancy service; It can be explained as providing the necessary training or information services to the companies that will be inspected by Inditex, providing the necessary documentation assistance and informing the personnel and employees about this issue. Within the scope of consultancy service related to Inditex;

• Preparing both personnel and managers for questions that may come within the scope of audits by creating a “Supplier Audit Question” list,
• Creation of necessary documentation,
• Preparations for audits,
services such as

Audit Process for Obtaining Inditex Certificate

In order to produce products for 8 brands in the Inditex group or one of these brands, it is necessary to successfully complete Inditex audits. These audits can also be referred to as social compliance audits. Some of the criteria required in these audits are;

• Under no circumstances should a person or persons younger than 16 years of age be employed in the enterprise,
• Foreign nationals who do not have a residence and work permit should not be employed,
• None of the personnel working in the enterprise should be paid below the minimum wage,
• Under no circumstances should there be any violation of transparency, including payment and/or payroll records,
• Under no circumstances should there be any SSI and/or tax debts in the business,
• The business can be explained as, that any Inditex product should not be released to a business that does not have Inditex approval for any process (including yarn clearing).
Companies that will enter Inditex audits;
• Personnel records (such as attendance records, payslips, monthly account statements),
• Occupational health and safety records (such as building layout plans, evacuation plan, business and working license, firefighter report, building permit and building occupancy permit, number of fire extinguishers and fire cabinets),
• Environmental records (such as workplace environmental permit, EIA out-of-scope report, environmental protection documents, waste declarations),
• Other records (such as recruitment and exit procedures, past audit records, internal and external contract supplier lists),
should pay attention to their records and keep these records meticulously.

I want to get Inditex certificate If it is to be done from a company that pays, it will be beneficial if it benefits from a consultancy firm before starting to receive this document. Companies that have received approval approval without completing Inditex audits to produce for this brand. It is very important from the first audit, as companies that fail to pass these audits cannot be audited again for 6 months. If a company does not pass the inspections, 6 months later, until the brand makes production again. It is popular in the worldwide view of production for these 8 brands, like how big a plan it would be for companies not to produce for these 8 brands.