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Industry Registration Certificate

Industry Registration Certificate
Industry Registration Certificate is a document that must be obtained by industrial operators with certain characteristics with the law numbered 6948. These operators / industrialists must obtain the certificate and register with the industrial registry controlled by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.
In the 1st article of the Industrial Registry Law, which was published in the Official Gazette numbered 9593 and dated 24 April 1957 with the law number 6948, the definition of industrial enterprises, industrial works and industrialists was made as follows: "The qualification, shape, precision or composition of a substance is a machine, device, The places where the mines are extracted and processed, the places where the mines are extracted and processed and the places that are produced or produced continuously and in series by changing partially or completely or by processing these materials with the help of looms, tools or other tools and forces or only by manual labor, the work done here is considered industrialist. . ”
Again in the same law, it is stated that "establishments that continuously and serially repairs, power plants producing electricity or other energy, large construction sites such as shipbuilding, and enterprises producing information technology and software" are also included in this definition. In this context, it has become a legal obligation for every enterprise with industrial enterprise status to obtain an Industrial Registry Certificate.
The validity period of the certificate is 2 years and at the end of this period, the certificate must be visaed by the Provincial Directorate of Science, Industry and Technology. For this, certain rules must be followed:
• Visa process is done only in an electronic environment and the document must be visa regularly (every 2 years).
• The information on the Industrial Registration Certificate that has been visa must be up to date. This information will be checked by the Science, Industry and Technology Provincial Directorates by comparing it with the information in the last year of the enterprise.
• Provincial Directorates of Science, Industry and Technology, which carry out visa procedures, may request additional documents, information and documents from the enterprises when deemed necessary.
There is no penal sanction for industrialists who do not carry out visa procedures. However, documents that are not visaed in due time will be deemed invalid by law. Therefore, the relevant enterprises will not be able to benefit from some of the rights and advantages they have gained thanks to the Industrial Registry Certificate.

Advantages Provided by the Industrial Registry Certificate
We can list the most important advantages of document owner businesses as follows:
• Low electricity bills; Businesses with Industrial Registry Certificate can pay electricity bills over the industry subscriber tariff. In this case, it can provide a 20% price advantage. In addition, 2% TRT share is not calculated in the electricity bills of the certified enterprises. For these discounts, the operators are required to apply to the electricity administrations in their province with the Industrial Registry Certificate.
• The advantage of being exempt from VAT; The enterprises that have the Industrial Registry Certificate are subject to VAT exemption in purchases of new machinery and equipment. This exception was extended until 31.12.2022 with a regulation published in the Official Gazette dated December 24, 2019 and 30988.
• Industrial Registration Certificate is a prerequisite for having a Domestic Goods Certificate. The Domestic Goods Certificate also provides enterprises with a 15% price advantage in public tenders. In this context, the Industrial Registry Certificate is one of the most important documents for this price advantage.
• Enterprises that have Industrial Registration Certificate can benefit from the support and incentives provided by organizations such as TÜBİTAK, KOSGEB, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.
How to Obtain an Industrial Registry Certificate?
To have a certificate, enterprises should apply to the Provincial Directorates of Industry and Trade with the following documents;
• Industry Registry Declaration
Annual Business Schedule
• Trade Registry Gazette establishment photocopies; If a change has been made in the business title, photocopies of the newspaper regarding this change must also be submitted.
•    Capasity Report; the report must be valid.
•    Rental contract; In addition to the workplace, if there is a use of rental machinery and equipment, their lease agreements should also be submitted.

Industry Registry Certificate Consultancy Service

There is an Industrial Registration Certificate requirement for every enterprise that has industrialist status by law. Businesses that want to have a certificate can speed up the process by getting support from a consultancy firm. In this way, problems to be faced in matters such as which documents should be issued, the validity of the documents, where and how to apply, will be prevented.
Businesses also have certain legal obligations after obtaining an Industrial Registry Certificate. The relevant consultancy firm also supports businesses in these matters and ensures that possible criminal sanctions are prevented.