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Industry Registration Certificates

When we take a look at the Industry Registry Law No. 6948, when we look at the 1st article of the law, it is seen that the industrial operations evaluated here and the processes such as making repairs in series on a continuous basis, as well as the electricity and other energy generating power plants, which were given to large construction sites such as in the shipbuilding sector and the enterprises started their production. The document that needs to be obtained within 2 months from the date of issue is called INDUSTRIAL REGISTRY CERTIFICATE.

In Article 1 of the same law, industrial enterprises that employ at least 1 personnel are required to have an industrial registry record.


As Aşan Danışmanlık, we can provide you with services in this field and provide consultancy with our experts. In order to apply for registration in the industrial registry system,

Attached to the petition:
1- a) Industrial Registry Declaration (Sansic A)
b) Industrial Registry Declaration (Sansic C) Sansic C form will be filled only by businesses that use Intangible rights (license, know-how, patent, etc.).
2- The annual operating schedule (sansic B) will be filled according to the information of the last completed year. Sansic A,B,C
3- The capacity report (it must be approved by the Chamber) must be approved by the Union of Chambers and its validity period has not expired.
4- Rental contract If the machinery and equipment used in production is rented, a copy of the lease agreement for at least one year.
5- Photocopy of the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette. (Copy of title and address change newspapers, if any) is required.

In visa applications:

Attached to the petition:
1-Original of the Industrial Registration Certificate,
2-Visa application form written separately for each year, containing the information for the last two years, (obtained from the Provincial Directorate of Industry and Commerce)
3-A photocopy of the Industrial Registry Certificate is required.
In addition, companies that have obtained an Industrial Registry Certificate must submit the Sansic B form until the end of April of each year.

Industry Registry Certificate Visa

Firms are obliged to obtain the visa application form of the Industry Registry Certificate, together with the visa application form of the previous year (years) as of the date of the Certificate every two years. Documents should be filled in by typewriter or computer.
1- Industrial Registry Declaration
It consists of Sansic A and Sansic C forms. Sansic C form will only be filled by businesses using Intangible Rights (License, Know-how, Patent). (Can be obtained from the Internet at www.sanayi.gov.tr ??and Provincial Directorates of Industry and Trade.)
2- Annual Business Chart
It has been called the Sansic form B. Information for the last completed year will be filled. .(Can be obtained from the Internet and Provincial Directorates of Industry and Trade.) Sansic B
3- Capacity Report
A copy of the capacity report approved by the Union of Turkish Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Maritime Trade and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) but not expired as of the date of application, certified by TOBB and the issuing chamber, or a workplace status document (capacity report) certified by the Turkish Confederation of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TESK). ) certified by the Confederation or the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Associations of the province in which it operates.
The date of approval on the photocopies of the certified capacity report shall not be older than six months.
Official sector industrial enterprises that do not have a capacity report will send a list approved by their institutions, which includes the annual consumed material amounts, machinery installation list and annual production capacity amounts.
4- Trade Registry Gazette
If there is a change in the establishment and title of the business, it is not necessary to submit a copy of the Trade Registry Gazette (or Tradesmen and Craftsmen Registry Gazette) with the change, and the Trade Registry Gazette of the Official Sector Businesses.
5-Lease Agreement
If the machinery is rented, the original or photocopy of the lease agreement for at least one year.


An application should be made to the Provincial Directorate of Industry and Commerce with all the documents transferred to you above.

What are the Benefits of the Industrial Registry Certificate?

Industrial registration certificate provides many benefits to your business. First of all, businesses that have this certificate can benefit from VAT deferral cancellation processes in the delivery of goods in their export records. In addition, they will pay their electricity bills with industrial subscription tariffs.

Thanks to the industrial registration certificate, you will also have an advantage in determining the domestic bidders in public tenders. With this document, you can indirectly create job opportunities and benefit from the support provided by many public institutions.

Aşan Danışmanlık provides you with professional services in all certification processes, ISO Certificates, CE certificates and other issues.

For more and answers to your questions, you can call our numbers on the contact page of the website you are viewing.

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