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Information Technologies and Software Consultancy

As Asan Consulting Corporate Technology Management service unit, we have the opportunity to evaluate the expectations of professional managers from us better today, based on our business practices and technology experiences.
The platform and brand-independent solutions we offer to operating companies and the ultimate goals of our services are:

* Technology infrastructure and software development on various platforms,
* Internet applications,
* Integration,
* System management,
* Improving the banking sector technological infrastructure,

-How important is the production costs efficiency for you? Would you like to increase the productivity in production further? Is it important for you to realize production with zero error? Would you like to reduce production costs?

How important is it to reach information fast?

- Is Word, Excell and Power Point usage sufficient?

Do you want to be successful in global scale competitions?

- Planning, programming, coordination and organization: will dominate the financial situation of your company; Preparing financial planning, budget, expense and sales reports,

- Do you think your Accounting and Finance Department is not "headlights" but "fog lights" that illuminate the road in foggy weather?

- Demand and Purchase Program Software suitable for your company - Accounting and Finance that you use - Reducing costs and expenses as a result of correct demand evaluation integrated with the Stock Management Program.

We produce professional solutions for all these questions. For detailed information, contact our company.