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Is it necessary to get a certificate for the material if the components have a CE certificate?

If there is a CE certificate for machinery, electrical etc. components, is it necessary to obtain a CE certificate for the building material?
Manufacturers that produce products with more than one sub-component sometimes find it difficult to determine which directive they should mark CE.
Considering that the main purpose of CE marking is security, this problem can be solved as follows. All risks that the product may carry should be evaluated, all directives related to the product and its components should be examined and all risks should be covered by the relevant directives.
Some identified risks may be the subject of more than one directive. In this case, the directive where more risks are evaluated together should be applied. If there is a directive that envisages all risks associated with the product, this product is excluded from all other directives. For example, a product attached to the toy or medical devices directive does not need to be evaluated under the low voltage directive.
If a product-related directive can cover only some of the product´s risks and other risks are described in another directive, this product is the subject of both directives. In this case, CE certification is made separately by meeting the requirements of the relevant standards of both directives.
Building Materials Regulation is directly related to many products, just like the Low Voltage Directive. The fact that the product is a structural product is the first condition to be evaluated within the scope of Building Materials Regulation. For steel and aluminum building materials, the product or component must be a carrier.
When the Building Materials Regulation is considered, it is understood that every product evaluated as a building and building and the components used in these are evaluated within the scope of regulation. In addition, every component described by the European Technical Committees and designed using the EN 1990 Eurocode standard series is also within the scope of the Building Materials Regulation.
In the light of this information, although it is covered by another directive, the products and components that should be evaluated within the scope of Construction Materials Regulation are as follows.
Building and building components
Tribune and stadiums
Fence and firewalls
Tower and masts
Carrier equipment of power plants, factories and machinery
Docks and piers

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