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ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Management Certificate


“Complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with an organization about the process of evaluating products or complaints itself, and as a result, an explicit or implicit response or solution is expected.” Source of definition: ISO 10002: 2004

ISO 10002 concerns all organizations wishing to serve beyond customers´ expectations. Private, public institutions or volunteer-based sectors that want to exceed customer expectations can apply the ISO 10002 Standard to their organizations.

Why ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction System

A satisfied customer for an organization is always more profitable. Finding and persuading new customers is very difficult under market competition conditions, instead the presence of customers who believe in the organization, trust and want to work continuously is very important.

If we want to retain the customer, it is absolutely inevitable to establish a system with a truly quality understanding that meets its requirements, and the 10002 standard will show the way how we fulfill these conditions and resolve customer complaints in our organization.

While ISO 10002 Certificate, which is the newest of ISO Quality Certificates, is focused on customer satisfaction, it also gives confidence to the customer who does not know you in a competitive environment. When you look at the companies that receive ISO 10002, you will see that they really believe in their customers and that they are companies that improve their systems continuously, resolve customer complaints and sometimes provide unconditional satisfaction. Moreover, ISO 10002 Certification is a work that adapts a customer-specific system that requires no additional costs for the organization. To certify and crown its prestige with TS ISO 10002, you can meet with our experts who have sufficient experience and references on 10002.