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ISO 10004 Customer Satisfaction Monitoring and Measurement Rules

What is ISO 10004?

ISO 10004 describes the parameters that companies should follow and measure to ensure customer satisfaction; the rules and principles in this context. Companies that make their relations with customers in accordance with ISO 10004 criteria can create long-term and systematic customer satisfaction policies. ISO 10004 caters to all kinds of businesses regardless of the field of activity, the products and services it produces, the customer portfolio and the target audience.

The full name of ISO 10004, an international standard, is “Quality management - Customer satisfaction - Monitoring and measurement rules”. As the name implies, ISO 10004 is part of the overall quality management of the company. In this context, the ISO 9001 Quality Management System of ISO 10004 mentioned;

Ø customer focus,

Ø customer relations,

Ø Customer satisfaction,

Ø analysis and evaluation (data measuring customer satisfaction),

Ø management review (interviews, evaluations and decisions taken by the company´s senior management about customer satisfaction)

Ø improvement (improving customer satisfaction in a sustainable way)

it also touches on issues such as. We can say that ISO 10004 has made the principle of customer satisfaction in ISO 9001 much more detailed and can also be applied independently.

Scope of ISO 10004 Standard

The articles of the ISO 10004 standard are as follows:

 1 Scope

  2 Normative references

  3 Terms and definitions

 4 Concepts and guidelines

                   4.1 Overview

                   4.2 The concept of customer satisfaction

                   4.3 Guidelines

          5 Framework for monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction

                   5.1 Context of the organization

                   5.2 Organization

        6 Planning, design and development

                   6.1 Identification of goals and objectives

                   6.2 Determination of scope and frequency

                   6.3 Determination of application methods and responsibilities

                   6.4 Allocation of resources

         7 Operations

                   7.1 Overview

                   7.2 Determination of customer expectations

                   7.3 Collection of customer satisfaction data

                   7.4 Analysis of customer satisfaction data

                   7.5 Transmission of customer satisfaction information

                   7.6 Monitoring of customer satisfaction

    8 Maintenance and improvement

    October A: The relationship between ISO dec0004 and ISO 10001, ISO 10002 and ISO 10003

    Appendix B: Conceptual model of customer satisfaction October

                   B.1 Overall

                   B.2 Conceptual model of customer satisfaction

    Appendix C Determination of customer expectations October 2012

                   C.1 Overall

                   C.2 Identification of customers

                   C.3 Understanding customer expectations

                   C.4 Customer expectations and customer satisfaction

    October D Direct measurement of customer satisfaction

                   D.1 Overall

                   D.2 Customer satisfaction survey methods

                   D.3 Sample size and sampling method

                   D.4 Development of a customer satisfaction questionnaire

    October E Analysis of customer satisfaction data

                   E.1 Overall

                   E.2 Preparation of data for analysis

                   E.3 Determination of analysis methods

                   E.4 Conducting the analysis

                   E.5 Verification of the analysis

                   E.6 Reporting of the analysis

    October F Use of customer satisfaction information

                   F.1 Overall

                   F.2 Transmission of customer satisfaction information

                   F.3 Use of customer satisfaction information

ISO 10004 Certificate

Regardless of the issues such as being a public and private sector enterprise, size, number of employees, etc., every organization can apply the ISO 10004 standard. Any company that adapts its customer relations and customer satisfaction policies, plans, goals and strategies to ISO 10004 can obtain ISO 10004 certification from accredited certification bodies. ISO 10004 certificate is an indication that companies care about customer satisfaction and organize their activities, products and services, business processes in this direction.

It is recommended that organizations that want to obtain ISO 10004 certification first receive training and consulting services on this issue. In this way, the scope of ISO 10004 can be better understood, what needs to be done can be put forward in a concrete way and the necessary documentation structure can be created. After it is determined that the company meets the requirements of ISO 10004 in all aspects, a document application can be made.

Benefits of ISO 10004 Certification

Today, one of the most priority issues for every company is undoubtedly customer satisfaction. Every company can succeed from there, where it provides customer satisfaction, increase sales volume and grow over time. ISO 10004 is also one of the most basic guidance documents for this. We can summarize the advantages that companies applying ISO 10004 will get as follows:

Ø To be able to obtain information about customer expectations in advance

Ø Be able to manage customer complaints correctly

Ø Putting customer satisfaction at the center of the decisions made by the company in accordance with the principle of customer focus

Ø To increase the awareness of all employees of the company about customer satisfaction; especially for employees who are in direct contact with customers, ISO 10004 principles are much more important.

Ø Using the right data and techniques to measure customer satisfaction

Ø To become different in the market thanks to high customer satisfaction, to gain a competitive advantage and to increase corporate sustainability awareness


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