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ISO 12207 Software Life Cycle Processes Certificate

ISO 12207 software life cycle Processes standard or Turkish Standards Institute (Tse) standard on the search page with the name specified in TS ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207 Information Technology - Software life cycle Processes Standard; a standard that is related to Information Technology. TS ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207 Standard; With its well-defined terminology, which can be cited as a source by the software industry, creates a common framework for software lifecycle processes. This standard; the software covers the processes, activities and tasks that will be implemented during the purchase of a system containing an independent software product and software service, as well as the supply/provision, development, operation and maintenance of software products. The software is specified as containing the fixed software part. It is a standard that is currently in force.

The 57–page ISO/IEC 12207:1995 Information Technology - Software Life Cycle Processes Standard published in 1995 can be shown as the standard that forms the basis of the ISO 12207 Standard. Detailed information about the standard published in 1995 and the standard published in 2017 can be obtained from the official website of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Russian English, French and Turkish are the most popular languages on the Internet. The page in question can be accessed using this link/link. The ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207:2017 Systems and Software Engineering – Software Lifecycle Processes Standard, which is available on the ISO page and was published in 2017, is 145 pages.

The first standard published within the scope of ISO 12207 in our country is TS ISO/ IEC 12207 Information Technology – Software Life Cycle Processes Standard published in 2001. the TS ISO /IEC 12207 Standard published in 2001 was canceled in 2007, and as a result of several subsequent standard studies, the current TS ISO / IEC / IEEE 12207 Standard entered into force in our country in 2018. it consists of 161 pages. Currently, there is no translation of this standard into Turkish on the TSE website. Published by TSE Education Department; If we look at the 2020 Training and Certification Program, it will be seen that the training planning provided for the ISO 12207 Standard is not included in this program.

However, in the training program in question, in relation to the ISO 12207 Standard;

* TS ISO/IEC 25051 Standard Training on Quality Characteristics and Evaluation of Software Products,
* TS ISO/IEC 15504 - SPICE Training,
it will be seen that their training is planned.

ISO 12207 Software Life Cycle Processes Certificate

The ISO 12207 Standard is an internationally recognized standard that can be considered valid for all software projects. It proposes a process for software life cycles that will be valid from the beginning of the software project to the removal of the software product from the application. It can be said that it is aimed to create a structure that is included in the software development process in a common language for all the roles of provider/supplier, developer, administrator, technician and customer. Some of the processes of this standard are the same as the processes of the ISO/IEC 15504 SPICE Standard.

Within the scope of TS ISO/IEC 12207 Software Life Cycle Processes Standard or ISO 12207 Standard in shorter, the organization/company should be implementing the following processes;

* Stakeholder requirement collection process,
* Software requirement analysis,
* Software architectural design process,
• Software detailed design process,
• Software building process,
* Software integration process,
* Software proficiency testing process,
• Project planning process,
• Project audit and control process,
• Decision-making management process,
* Risk management process,
* Quality assurance process,
• Configuration management process,
* Software problem solving process.

TS ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207 Information Technology - Software life cycle Processes standard document or shorter as specified; ISO 12207 software life cycle Processes wishing to obtain a certificate of the organization, authorized certification firms/agencies should consult with. Prior to the certification process, consulting services are provided, preparation for certification activities can be made and assistance can be obtained. In addition, thanks to the consulting service, the preparation of documents necessary for the certification process and the implementation of applications can be done quickly, easily and expertly.

After the consulting service received, the company that wants to obtain the ISO 12207 Standard Certificate / Certificate should contact the certification body and undergo the inspections (if any) that will be conducted. Of course, during the consulting service, they must be prepared for these inspections or perform preparatory operations before applying for certification and after the consulting service.

What is ISO 15504 Software Process Evaluation Management System?

Another standard related to the software is the ISO 15504 Standard. This standard is also referred to as SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination), which is Turkish; Software Process Evaluation and Capability Determination. The purpose of this standard can be stated as establishing a common principle (principle) for different software process evaluation models and methods. Thanks to this common principle/principle, a common report on the results of the evaluation can be obtained. With the created reference model, the main goals necessary for a quality software engineering can be defined at the highest level. As a result, this standard can be applied to any software organization that is looking for qualifications in obtaining, operating, developing and supporting software.

The SPICE model can be explained as a process evaluation format/model in information technologies. ISO 15504 Software Process Evaluation Management System, or ISO 15504 Software Process Evaluation System for short, has more than one dimension. One of these dimensions is the Process Dimension and the other is the Process Competence Dimension. The Process Dimension defines introverted process improvement studies, and the Process Competence Dimension defines extroverted talent identification studies.


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