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ISO 13027 Hygiene and Sanitation Certificate


Hygiene is to take all kinds of precautions for cleaning and to create the necessary conditions in order to ensure that food is consumed safely by people, taking into account the use and purpose of foodstuffs. In other words, hygiene is the condition that foodstuffs are clean and completely free of disease-causing factors. When it comes to ensuring and maintaining hygienic conditions in the food sector, it is understood that the preparation, processing, packaging, storage, transportation and sale of foodstuffs, preventing microbes that can be transmitted from all kinds of sources.

Sanitation, on the other hand, covers the operations carried out for the protection and improvement of human health and regaining health in case of illness. When it comes to sanitation activities in the food sector, it should be understood that the necessary conditions are provided in order to ensure that the foodstuffs are physically, chemically and biologically safe and that the foodstuffs are kept away from microorganisms that threaten human health and various contamination. In short, with sanitation activities, foodstuffs are made suitable for human health.

The persons or institutions that can or should obtain the Hygiene Certificate (ISO13027) are listed below. According to the Legislation Regarding the Analysis and Examination of Food Safety and Quality, TS 13027 General Conditions of Hygiene and Sanitation in Food Production Centers and the Regulation on Hygiene Conditions for Vessels in Practice in the Fisheries Field published in the official newspaper;

• Food production establishments
• Markets
•    Hotels
• Restaurants
• Buffets
•    Cafes
Food factories

Food packaging producing organizations

• Food sales areas
• Food stores
• Fisheries processing sales storage centers and ships operating in the aquaculture sector can obtain TS 13027 Hygiene Certificate.
Benefits of the Hygiene Certificate
• Provides an increase in business reputation and an effective marketing opportunity
• Complies with legal regulations
• Increases the satisfaction of the consumer segment for the business.
• Ensures increase in employee awareness and regular staff control
• Ensures hygiene improvement and control of hygiene in your business.
• Provides the chance to ensure food safety, identify and eliminate existing and potential risks.
• The food safety status of the organization is determined and proven.
• Compliance with legal regulations
• Existing or potential future risks are identified.
• Complaints from customers are minimized
• The hygiene and sanitation progress of the establishment is followed up with regular analysis.

The organization has a significant competitive advantage

The ISO 13027 Food Production Facilities Hygiene and Sanitation standard is designed to provide the basic production and environmental conditions required to produce safe foodstuffs that will not risk people´s health and do not harm people.
The Regulation on the Inspection and Control of Food Safety and Quality was published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in 2008. Similarly, the purpose of this regulation is to determine the technical and hygienic conditions that companies producing foodstuffs must comply with regarding food safety and quality, and all businesses listed above have to comply with these legal regulations.
The certification bodies inspect companies in the subjects covered by the ISO TS 13027 standard and, if deemed appropriate, issue ISO TS 13027 certificate. The important thing is to determine that the company meets the necessary conditions according to the audits, tests and analyzes and measurement results and that these conditions can be maintained.

Laboratory analyzes required for hygiene and sanitation certificate are given below.
    Measurement of Microbial Load of Ambient Air
 Samples taken with AIR SAMPLER (Air Sampler) Device are analyzed in laboratories and the microbial load of the ambient air is determined.
    Personnel Hygiene
Samples taken from staff´s hands with swap are analyzed in an accredited laboratory.
    Surface Hygiene Controls
Samples taken from surfaces (benches, walls, tools-equipment, etc.) within the facility are analyzed in the laboratory.
    Control of Drinking and Potable Water
Samples taken from the water used in the enterprise are analyzed in laboratories.
    Evaluation and Reporting
Operational audit results and laboratory analysis results are evaluated, evaluation results are presented to the person or institution in a report.


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