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ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Consultancy Service

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Consultancy Service
The use of natural resources in our environment, whose problems are increasing day by day, is increasing at a dangerous level. Among these resources, there are important resources for our life such as soil, water and air. The ISO 14000 Environmental Management System has been systematized to maximize the use of natural resources. In this comprehensive system, it is aimed to bring the unconscious use of resources to an appropriate level. And also; It is aimed to minimize the possible damage to the soil, water and air. In this framework, it is aimed to observe the environmental dimensions and the continuity of the improvement in the ISO 14001 Standard. In practice, legal regulations and laws regarding environmental factors are taken into consideration.
At this point, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard has been prepared for companies and organizations to ensure environmental safety. This standard explains the prudent use of natural resources in the environment and the steps to be followed in this regard.

With the increasing global environmental pollution, new concepts and phenomena are emerging. In today´s industry, there is a need for a common comparison and evaluation to reduce environmental pollution in the business environment in a global context. ISO 14001 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for an environmental resource management system, together with a user manual. The Environmental Management System Standard also enables institutions and organizations to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sensitivity to their competitors. In addition, after taking this step, businesses can reinforce their reputation as both environmentally friendly and in this regard. With this Standard, it is also aimed to interfere with natural environmental resources as little as possible in the activities carried out.

Why is ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Necessary?

    ISO 14001 was created to determine the environmental factors in the process from the raw material to the presentation of the product to the customer. In addition, it is a standard that guides to minimize the damage to the environment by controlling these factors with necessary precautions. ISO 14001 is a management system developed for the systematic reduction and, where possible, the elimination of the damages caused or may be caused by the enterprises to the environment.
Therefore, it is an inevitable set of measures for organizations. Emissions to air can be classified as wastes released into water, wastes discharged to soil. In addition, energy types such as the use of raw materials and natural resources, energy use, heat released to the environment, radiation and vibration are also dangerous.

What is ISO 14001 Content?

The TS EN ISO 14001 standard generally consists of the following parts:

• General Condition
•    Environmental policy
• Planning
• Environmental Dimensions
• Legal And Other Conditions
• Objectives, Targets and Program(s)
• Implementation and Activities
• Resources, Duties, Responsibility and Authority
• Expertise, Education and Awareness
•    Communication
•    Documentation
• Control of Documents
• Control of Activities
• Emergency Preparedness and Response
•    Checking
• Monitoring and Measurement
• Evaluation of Conformity
• Nonconformity, Corrective Action and Preventive Action
• Control of Records
• Internal Audit
• Management Review

What are the Benefits of ISO 45001 Environmental Management System?

• The management system developed in order to systematically reduce and, if possible, eliminate the damages that the enterprises give or may cause to the environment is called the Environmental Management System. ISO 14000 Environmental Management System is a management model established on the basis of risk analysis, which aims to reduce the use of natural resources and to minimize the damage to soil, water and air.
• Facilitates obtaining permission and authorization documents.
• Compliance with national and international legal regulations is ensured.
• It gains reputation in the national and international arena.
• Costs arising from environmental effects decrease.
• As a result of effective use of natural resources, costs decrease and productivity increases.
• Customer confidence is enhanced by reassuring the customer that they are under an obligation for environmental management.
• Reduces liability events, thus providing the potential to reduce liability insurance costs.
• Pollution arising from company activities is taken under control starting from the source and pollution is reduced.
• By identifying potential danger situations, there is a decrease in incidents resulting in loss, as it is prepared for emergencies and accidents.
• Workplace quality, therefore, employee morale is increased and loyalty to the business increases.
• Thanks to the training given to the personnel, the environmental awareness of the employees is increased.
• It facilitates entry into markets where green production processes are important.

From ISO 14001 Environmental Management System ismanship services

It can be used from an analysis of it. The sample, which consists of examples consisting of these elements, consists of the situation in which it is located. Organizations to share their policies regarding the placement of external and internal trainings in the environmental management system. Besides these basics, it can be spent and developed in each planning. Gifts are given to these children:

• conducting a current situation analysis.
• Operation of the working environment related to the company
• Making necessary information
• Operation of the system station
• Hardware of the system
• Certification

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