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ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Internal Auditor Training

This 2-day training provides auditors with information on EMS assessment methods and provides the skills needed to adopt the latest understanding of best practices. Some of these can be listed as follows:

* In-house Environmental Management System audit application

* Detect nonconformities by following complex audit traces

* Reporting and presenting corrective actions

Who Should Attend

* Personnel undertaking audit responsibilities within the organization for ISO 14001

* Other management systems auditors who want to become ISO 14001 internal auditors

Benefits for Your Business

* Completing complex audit trails

* Determining any possible EMS compatibility

* Gaining the skills to report and present corrective actions

Education Structure

* ISO 14001 requirements

* Interview types

* Using audit protocols

* Conformity verification strategies

* Case studies on current practice

* Managing the on-site inspection process as a team leader

* Maximizing the effectiveness of the audit team

Required Preliminary Information

* It is necessary to have information about ISO 14001 standard.


Environmental Legislation and Waste Management Training