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ISO 14064 - Greenhouse Gas and Emissions Management System Certificate

ISO 14064 defines the requirements for organizations to prepare, report and verify their greenhouse gas emissions inventory studies. ISO 14064-1, the first standard of the ISO 14064 series, which consists of 3 parts in total, describes the rules for designing, developing, managing and reporting greenhouse gas emissions inventories. ISO 14064-2 focuses on project activities carried out to reduce and remove greenhouse gas emissions. It draws a general framework for the verification and approval of greenhouse gas projects. ISO 14064-3, on the other hand, deals with the verification of the greenhouse gas inventories prepared by the organizations, the projects they carry out for emission reduction and the carbon footprints of the products they put on the market.
These standards are part of the ISO 14060 series family of standards prepared by ISO to support the transition to a low-carbon economy and sustainable development. Organizations should use the standards in the ISO 14064 series to calculate and validate their corporate carbon footprint and to manage greenhouse gas emissions. Aşan Consulting supports organizations in all of their greenhouse gas inventory preparation, project emissions calculation and carbon footprint verification activities. You can forward all your training and consultancy requests on this subject to Aşan Danışmanlık.

Scope of ISO 14064 Standard

Today, the problems of global warming and climate change caused by human activities have started to deepen and become a crisis day by day. The most important reason for this is the greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere. Undoubtedly, one of the most important sources of these emissions is carbon dioxide and other gases with a high greenhouse effect, which occur in the processes of organizations such as design, production, storage, logistics, etc. Regardless of its field of activity, size, product and service produced, and supply chain length scale, every company has the obligation to calculate, report and verify its greenhouse gas emissions within the framework of its corporate sustainability and social responsibility mission. Although this obligation is voluntary in some sectors, it has become a necessity for many sectors and applications today.

ISO 14060 series standards published by ISO can be taken as reference to form a basis in accordance with international principles and conventions on this subject. ISO 14064 has been prepared and published accordingly. The first version of the standard was published in 2006, then it was revised in 2018. Organizations that want to establish a greenhouse gas emissions management system and obtain a carbon footprint verification certificate should be based on the latest revisions of ISO 14064.

The ISO 14064 series of standards details issues related to greenhouse gas calculation, inventory creation, verification and certification processes. It ensures that calculations are accurate, complete, transparent and consistent, determines the boundaries of the institution and reporting, and defines greenhouse gas sources and sinks. It also guides organizations on how to prepare a greenhouse gas inventory.

How to Get ISO 14064 Certificate?

Organizations that want to manage greenhouse gas emissions and verify their carbon footprint in line with ISO 1464 standards should first determine the scope and limits of their work. It should be determined whether the verification and certification will be done throughout the organization or for the product, service or project, and the necessary calculations and inventory studies should be carried out. You can get support from Aşan Danışmanlık for all of these studies. Then, the ISO 14064 certification process can be started by applying to the accredited verification bodies that carry out greenhouse gas verification. Verification bodies examine the calculations made and the inventories prepared and carry out on-site audits to verify the statements made by the organization. After verifying that all stages and studies comply with ISO 14064, ISO 14064 Certificate is issued.

We can summarize the benefits of ISO 14064 Certificate to organizations as follows:

* Establishes a comprehensive and systematic structure for greenhouse gas emission management within the organization.
* Increases transparency and consistency in measuring, reporting, monitoring, validating and approving greenhouse gas emissions.
* Facilitates organizations to create sustainable policies on carbon footprint management.
* With the reduction of carbon emissions, it becomes easier to realize environmental sustainability commitments.
* Companies can differentiate in the market by increasing their corporate reputation.
* In public and private sector tenders, priority can be gained in incentives and grants with the provision of greenhouse gas emission conditions.
* Responsible investors´ interest in the brand and company increases and new investments are opened.


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