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ISO 14064 - Greenhouse Gas and Emissions Management System Certificate

One of the biggest common problems of the whole world today is undoubtedly greenhouse gas emissions. Uncontrolled use of tue gases, which cause global warming and climate change in the long term when released into the atmosphere, can be considered one of the most important environmental problems today. ISO 14064 is also one of the standards developed to solve this problem.

The Industrial Revolution, the development of technology and the very rapid growth of the world´s population have made greenhouse gas emissions a much bigger problem in recent years. In order to combat this problem completely and to control greenhouse gas emissions, various laws, agreements and standards have been developed at the local and international levels. There are a number of standards related to greenhouse gas emissions in ISO 14000, the international series of environmental management standards. ISO 14064, which is accepted as the TS norm by the TSE (Turkish Standards Institute), is also one of them and consists of the following three parts.

* TS EN ISO 14064-1: Greenhouse gases - Part 1: Guidelines and features for calculating and reporting greenhouse gas emissions and removals at the enterprise level

* TS EN ISO 14064-2:
Greenhouse gases - Part 2: Project-level guidance for determining, monitoring and reporting the amount of greenhouse gas emission reductions or remediation improvements

* TS EN ISO 14064-3: Greenhouse gases - Part 3: Guidance for verification and approval of greenhouse gas declarations


Scope of the ISO 14064 Standard

ISO 14064-1 specifies the principles and requirements at the organizational level for the measurement and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. The relevant requirements of an organization for the design, development, management, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas inventory are included in ISO 14064-1.

ISO 14064-2 provides project-level guidance for the measurement, monitoring and reporting of activities aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Enterprises benefit from ISO 14064-2 for planning a greenhouse gas project, identifying and ing greenhouse gas sources related to project activities. The standard also includes requirements for monitoring, measuring, documenting, reporting and managing data quality, as well as greenhouse gas project performance.

ISO 14064-3 provides guidance to persons or institutions that ensure or manage the validity and verification of published reports and statements related to greenhouse gases. This part of ISO 14064 can be applied to all corporate activities, including determination of the amount of greenhouse gases, monitoring and reporting carried out in accordance with ISO 14064-1 or ISO 14064-2, or only on a project-based basis.


The Importance of ISO 14064 Standard

Regardless of the field of activity, every enterprise has great duties and responsibilities for controlling and sustainably reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is extremely important for public and private sector organizations to take the necessary steps regarding greenhouse gas emissions, both in the interests of the institution and in the interests of the environment and society.

In this regard, we can say that the implementation of the ISO 14064 standard directly and indirectly has the following benefits:

* Greenhouse gas emissions from company activities can be calculated and reported accurately.

* Businesses can be more transparent and reliable about this issue and share these developments with their stakeholders.

· Regardless of the products and services it offers or the size, every business can develop the right strategies for greenhouse gas emissions in the short and long term. He can implement these strategies much faster and easier.

* It becomes easier to develop and implement projects related to greenhouse gases.

· Companies that set goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and implement various activities in their lives in accordance with these goals can track their performance in this process with the principles and principles contained in the ISO 14064 standards.

· Thanks to ISO 14064, enterprises that reduce greenhouse gas emissions have also fulfilled many legal obligations in this regard; they have met the prerequisites in many public and private sector tenders.

* ISO 14064 standards provide a common identification of risks and opportunities for greenhouse gas emissions around the world.

· These standards support voluntary initiatives and enable businesses to participate in greenhouse gas registration and reporting initiatives.

* The brand value of enterprises that fulfill the necessary obligations on the management of greenhouse gas emissions increases, and their corporate reputation increases.

ISO 14064 is much more than an environmental standard. All enterprises that want to have an effective role in the market in terms of corporate social responsibility and sustainability should apply these standards. In this way, success can be achieved in both environmental and financial and social terms in the long term.


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