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ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint Certification

ISO 14067 describes the requirements for measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life cycle of products. Companies can verify the carbon footprint of the products they produce according to this standard and obtain ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint Certificate. ISO 14067 references ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards for its life cycle assessment approach. It also includes principles regarding the calculation and reporting of partial carbon footprints of products.

ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint Certification is based on emissions caused by products only in the context of climate change. Studies such as carbon balancing etc. are not within the scope of the standard. You can learn about the work to be done and the scope of the standard in order to obtain the ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint Certificate from the Exceeding Consultancy. Aşan Consulting supports companies that want to certify the carbon footprint of their products through independent third-party organizations by obtaining ISO 14067 Certificate.

ISO 14067 Scope

ISO 14067 has been developed to calculate and verify the carbon footprint of products with a life cycle analysis approach. Focusing only on environmental impacts, not on social and economic impacts, the standard is one of the most accepted regulations in the world today for product carbon footprint measurement and verification. Companies can carry out carbon footprint verification and obtain ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint Certificate by referencing the requirements and guidelines specified in this standard. In addition to the life cycle assessment approach, the standard also takes into account approaches such as compliance with scientific principles, integrity, transparency, etc. The standard, which guides users for full and partial carbon footprint calculations, lists the studies that need to be done to ensure that the calculations are accurate and reliable. You can contact Aşan Danışmanlık to learn more about the scope of the standard and to start the ISO 14067 certification process.

ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint Certificate

Organizations that verify the carbon footprint of products in accordance with ISO 14067 can obtain certificates through independent accredited verification bodies. The ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint Document is a very critical study for organizations that want to gain prestige in the eyes of customers, suppliers, professional associations, s, government channels and other stakeholders. ISO 14067 Certificate supports organizations in creating greenhouse gas inventory, reducing emissions, creating low-carbon economies, realizing corporate sustainability missions, etc. ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint Certificate is very important for the verification and certification of the emissions they cause in the steps such as the extraction of products as raw materials, their processing, conversion into products, storage, transportation, recycling, etc. Some of the benefits that having a certificate bring to organizations are:

* Verifying the product carbon footprint through independent organizations and thus building trust in the market
* To seize the competitive advantage in the market and to differentiate in the market
* Achieving corporate sustainability and social responsibility goals
* Increasing transparency and reliability in processes such as calculating, reporting, verifying and documenting the carbon footprint
* To be able to identify deficiencies and increase institutional capacity in order to produce products with lower emissions
* To be able to deal with each step of the product in detail in the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions with the approach of life cycle assessment and presenting it as an inventory.
* Supporting local, national and international studies carried out within the framework of combating climate change

If you want to be among the respected institutions of the market by obtaining ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint Certificate, you can contact Aşan Danışmanlık. Aşan Danışmanlık can provide you with training and consultancy services on every subject related to the scope of the standard and the certification process.


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