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ISO 15504 Software Process Evaluation Management System Certificate

Due to the increasing number of systems under the control of computers due to the development of technology, the need for software is also increasing. However, the issues of reliability, evaluation and development of software are also important. In this context, the ISO 15504 Standard is the standard created for evaluating the processes of the software of manufacturers and systems working with computers while carrying out the activities of the service sector and determining the capabilities. This standard was developed by the authorities of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electronic Committee (IEC), an important organization for standardization.

ISO 15504 Standard; SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination), in other words, in Turkish; Software Process Evaluation and Capability Determination is also referred to as. The purpose of this standard can be explained as establishing a common principle (principle) for different software process evaluation models and methods. Thanks to this common principle, a common report on the results of the evaluation can be obtained. The created reference model is able to identify/specify at the highest level the basic goals necessary for a quality software engineering. As a result, it can be applied to any software organization that is looking for qualifications in obtaining, operating, developing and supporting software. The reference model we are talking about does not call for the company to be in a certain structure, to have a certain management philosophy. In addition, it is not based on a software lifecycle model or a specific software technology or development methodology.

The SPICE model can be expressed as a form/model of process evaluation in information technologies. ISO 15504 Software Process Evaluation Management System or ISO 15504 Software Process Evaluation System has more than one dimension. One of these dimensions is the process dimension. The Process Dimension defines introverted process improvement studies, and the Process Competence Dimension, which is the other dimension, defines extroverted ability determination studies. As it can be seen from here, there are processes in the first dimension and ability levels in the second dimension.

A certificate (or certificate) of the ISO 15504 Standard may be issued by an accredited organization authorized to issue this document. Obtaining this document helps companies to gain international reputation (reputation), respectability, validity and acceptability. A company or organization that wants to obtain a certificate of this standard;

• Apply to an authorized and accredited organization for issuing the ISO 15504 Standard, obtain and review the document for this standard,
• Determine the scope of application of this standard,
• He/she must submit his/her documents to the organization he/she is applying to,
• He/she should then undergo the inspections to be carried out by this organization and correct their nonconformities, if any,
• In order to maintain the validity of the document it has received, it must participate in periodic audits if necessary, and correct any non-compliance, if any.

What is ISO 15504 Software Process Evaluation Management System Basic Training?

Standards-oriented trainings are provided by both TSE and private companies in our country. ISO 15504 Software Process Evaluation Management System Basic Training is provided by private companies in relation to TS ISO / IEC 15504 Software Process Evaluation Training. In addition, similar to this training, TS ISO / IEC 15504 – SPICE Training is provided by TSE october

The content of TS ISO/IEC 15504 Software Process Evaluation Training provided by private companies;

• Introduction and history of the software process improvement and qualification determination standard,
* Process and qualification dimension,
* Process calculation and grading,
* Evaluation process,
* Case studies and institutional maturity,
• Differences dec CMMI and SPICE,
* Role-based evaluation and case studies can be expressed with items.

In order to obtain the expected benefit from this training or to maintain the benefit to be received, it is necessary to continue these trainings, that is, to continue the trainings on this subject. As a prerequisite of this training; Those who will participate in the training must have previously received the TS ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security Management System Basic Training. At the end of the training, 2 documents are provided to those who are successful, both a “Certificate of Participation” and a “Certificate of Success”. Participants who are not considered successful are only given a “Certificate of Participation”.

The content of the TS ISO/IEC 15504 – SPICE Training given by the Turkish Standards Institute is;

* History of SPICE,
* Introduction to the standard for improving software processes and determining competence
* Process size,
* Process calculation, grading,
• Qualification dimension,
* Evaluation process and case studies,
* Corporate maturity,
• The differences between CMMI and SPICE can be dec by their substance.

Who Should Attend ISO 15504 Software Process Evaluation Management System Basic Training?

The following articles present the people who are required to participate in ISO 15504 Software Process Evaluation Management System Basic Training.

• Persons responsible (responsible) for ensuring compliance of the organization with the ISO 15504 Software Process Evaluation Management System,
• Managers or their assistants or consultants who want to implement this standard in their organization,
• A person or persons interested in learning about the ISO 15504 Standard.


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