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ISO 18788:2015 Management Systems for Private Security Operations

ISO 18788 provides for the establishment, implementation, operation, monitoring, maintenance and improvement of the management system related to security operations. ISO 18788 Management System for Private Security Operations provides a business and risk management framework for organizations that conduct or contract with security operations and related activities and operations. The standard helps establish the appropriate basis in the relevant organizations for the conduct of professional security operations to meet the requirements of customers and other stakeholders. ISO 18788, which is based on compliance with the law, accountability, respect for human rights and consistency with the commitments made, creates the infrastructure for compliance with the provisions of the following international agreements:

* Montreux Document on International Legal Obligations and Good Practices Applicable to States Regarding the Activities of Private Military and Security Companies during Armed Conflict (09/2008)
* International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC) (11/2010)
* Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights; Implementation of the United Nations “Protect, Respect and Resolve” Framework (2011)

ISO 18788 Management System for Private Security Operations targets organizations operating in conditions where management may be weak and the rule of law may be weakened by human or natural events. The standard does not impose additional burdens on general protection services, except for these special cases. Applicable laws may include, but are not limited to, national, regional, international or customary laws. It is the responsibility of the user of the ISO 18788 standard to determine and comply with applicable laws. This standard does not provide any advice or guidance regarding applicable laws, conflicts between laws, or the interpretation of laws, codes, agreements or documents set forth in it.

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ISO 18788:2015 Management Systems for Private Security Operations

It is a standard procured to supply a product that will be used to gather organization organizations to purchase security operation. In addition, ISO 19788:2015 and many perspectives such as establishing, implementing, reviewing, reviewing, maintaining and improving organizations and Organizations Security Operations Management System.

Thanks to the standard, while benefiting from customer friendliness and human safety, development begins at the same time. In addition to complying with laws and regulations, it establishes professional security operations to respect people´s rights and better assess the needs and expectations of customers and owners.

Why is ISO 18788:2015 Private Security Operations Management System Important?

The standard, suitable for organizations, geared towards the ability to guide guides. It also supports the supply chain along with the business system. ISO 187 Security Operations882015 can be used to drive a system for anyone who takes or wants to take a vehicle from this region. In addition to the organization´s effective management controls, it provides support in establishing, implementing and developing a security operations management system.

There are strict operations in the ISO 18788:2015 Special Security Operations Management System. These skills and competencies will be in the form of items for children:

• Establishing robust management and ensuring security, • reliability
gaining strength and reputation,
• Estimating quality and professionalism,
• Realizing the sustainable customer
• The system as a sustainable customer,
• Building trust with customers, governments and communities,
• Reducing increasing operational success
In the ISO 18788:2015 Private Security Operations Management System, security operations and risk management are created for an effective operation. This choice of risk management is of great importance in being local communities and ing subcontractors. ISO 187:2015 Private Security Operations Operations other systems, unlike all standards, are included in the Management, Business and Human Rights Guidelines.

It provides mechanisms and benefits from the regulations regarding the systems in compliance with the ISO 1888:2015 Private Security System and in compliance with the regulatory principles and principles.

Organizations that carry out security operations and sign contracts face many risks in their operations to support peace, stability, development and commercial efforts in regions where the capacities of institutions are depleted due to destructive human and natural events. It is critical to determine how to manage risk cost-effectively while meeting the organization´s strategic and operational objectives within a framework that protects the safety, security and human rights of internal and external stakeholders, including customers and affected communities. Organizations must conduct their business and provide services in a manner that respects human rights and the law. Therefore, they and their customers have an obligation to exercise due diligence to identify risks.

Some of these obligations are to prevent incidents, mitigate and correct the consequences of incidents, report when they occur, and take corrective and preventive actions to prevent their recurrence. The ISO 18788 Management System for Private Security Operations provides a basis for customers to distinguish organizations that can provide services to the highest professional standards consistent with stakeholder needs and rights.

Protecting both tangible and intangible assets is a critical task for the viability, profitability and sustainability of all organizations. This duty goes beyond just protecting physical, human and information assets, and includes protecting the image and reputation of companies and their customers. Protecting assets requires a combination of strategic thinking, problem solving, process management, and the ability to implement programs and initiatives that correspond to the context of the organization´s operations and their risks.
Benefits of ISO 18788 Private Security Operations Management System

By applying the ISO 18788 standard, organizations can achieve the following results:

* Conducting comprehensive internal and external risk assessments regarding safety, security and human rights risks
* Ensuring that the use of force is reasonably necessary, proportionate and lawful
* Implement risk control measures that support the rule of law, respect the human rights of stakeholders, protect the interests of the organization and its customers, and provide professional services
* Establish and maintain a transparent governance framework to deter, detect, monitor, address and prevent the occurrence and recurrence of incidents that have adverse effects on human rights and fundamental freedoms
* Communicate and engage effectively with public and private sector stakeholders
* Effective training of people working on behalf of the organization
* Ensuring the implementation and management of appropriate and adequate operational controls based on identified risks to improve the occupational health and safety and well-being of those working on behalf of the organization.
* To evaluate the performance of the services offered and the achievement of the targets.
* Develop and implement systems for reporting and investigating allegations of violations of international law, domestic law or human rights, and for mitigating and removing the consequences of undesirable or disturbing events
* Identify and work in accordance with applicable international, national and local laws and regulations


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