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ISO 19443 - Nuclear Safety Management System Certificate

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) works with institutions that are authorities in different fields around the world and develops various business partnerships. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is one of them. ISO 19443 standard was also published in 2018 as a result of this cooperation and has started to be applied by many institutions.

The IAEA sets safety standards for use by member states within the framework of national regulations. ISO 19443, one of the ISO standards in the field of nuclear safety, is also one of the complementary technical documents in this regard. In the supply chain of the nuclear energy sector organizations that supply products and services important to nuclear safety and quality requirements of the ISO standard that must be applied by 19443, by reference to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System have been prepared. Other references included in the standard are as follows:

· IAEA Safety Glossary, Terminology Used in Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection

· IAEA GSR Part 2 - IAEA General Safety Requirements / Leadership and Management for Safety

· IAEA NP-T-3.21, Supply Engineering and Supply Chain Guidelines for Supporting the Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Facilities


Scope of ISO 19443

The ISO 9001 standard, which is based on the rules of ISO 19443, has been revised with regard to nuclear safety issues and has established a comprehensive quality policy for suppliers working in this field. The articles of the standard can be listed as follows:

1.     Scope

2.    Normative references

3.    Terms and definitions

4.    Scope of the organization

4.1.         Understanding the organization and its context

4.2.        Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties

4.3.        Determining the scope of the quality management system

4.4.        Quality management system and processes

5.      Leader

5.1.          Leadership and commitment

5.2.         Politics

5.3.         Organizational roles, responsibilities and powers

6.     Planning

6.1.         Actions to address risks and opportunities

6.2.        Quality goals and planning to achieve them

6.3.        Planning of changes

7.      Support

7.1.          Resources

7.2.         Competency

7.3.         Realization

7.4.         Communication

7.5.         Documented information

8.     Operation

8.1.         Operational planning and control

8.2.        Requirements for products and services

8.3.        Design and development of products and services

8.4.        Control of processes, products and services provided from outside

8.5.        Production and service provision

8.6.        Release of products and services

8.7.        Control of inappropriate outputs

9.     Performance evaluation

9.1.         Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation

9.2.        Internal audit

9.3.        Management review

10.  Therapy

10.1.      General

10.2.     Nonconformities and corrective actions

10.3.     Continuous improvement


According to ISO 19443 standard;

* Customer focus,

* Leadership,

· Participation of people,

· Process approach,

· Development,

* Evidence-based decision making and

* Relationship management

as well as basic quality principles such as;

* Nuclear safety culture,

* Identification of ITNS (important to nuclear safety) elements and activities and

* A gradual approach to the implementation of quality requirements

nuclear-oriented quality principles have also been adopted, such as.


The Importance of ISO 19443 Standard for Our Country

Energy is one of the most important import and / or export sources for all countries in the world. Since our country is largely dependent on the outside in terms of energy and wants to reduce this dependence, it is making various initiatives in the field of nuclear energy. Great progress will be made in solving Turkey´s energy problem, especially with the nuclear power plant planned to be built in Akkuyu.

Although Turkey has made many such investment plans for nuclear energy, the knowledge and know-how of enterprises that will supply products and services to these facilities on nuclear issues is not yet world-class. This standard is a guide for these enterprises and will ensure that the quality of products and services are world-class. In ISO 19443, it also contains mandatory criteria that must be applied so that nuclear disasters that directly and indirectly affected the entire world in the past will not happen again.


How to Get ISO 19443 Certificate?

If you are a company operating in the nuclear sector and supplying products or services in this field, you should definitely get the ISO 19443 Certificate. For this purpose, you must meet the requirements stipulated by the standard and obtain the necessary ISO 19443 trainings. After that, you should apply to an accredited certification body.

In this process, the quality of the institutions where you receive training, consulting and certification services is also very important. In order for the process to proceed quickly, accurately and effectively, you must correctly the business partners with whom you work.

Certification bodies carry out the necessary inspections at your business sites based on your application and complete the certification process if all the requirements are met.


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