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ISO 19949


ISO 16949, which is also accepted by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) and published as a TS standard, is the version of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System adapted to the automotive industry. The full name of the standard is "Quality Management Systems - Special Conditions for the Implementation of ISO 9001 for Automotive Production and Related Spare Parts Manufacturer Organizations".
The ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System standard has been developed as a result of the joint efforts of the International Automotive Workforce (IATF) and ISO. The latest version of the standard was published in 2009 and by 2016, IATF 16949 replaced this standard. However, in order to apply ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System or IATF 16949, the relevant enterprise has to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. We can say that the ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System, which has many common items with ISO 9001 and which is referred to this standard many times, is built on ISO 9001: 2015.
IATF, which was effective in the emergence of ISO 16949, consists of international vehicle manufacturers and some trade associations. We can list them as follows:
General Motors
Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Limited
Ford Motor Company
• BMW Group
Volkswagen AG
• Daimler AG
Groupe Renault
Groupe PSA
VDA (Germany)
AIAG (America)
ANFIA (Italy)
• FIEV (France)

Purpose of ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System

The automotive sector has grown since the beginning of the 20th century and has become a field of work where many companies are involved all over the world. As in every sector, quality issues are the basis of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in the automotive sector. In this context, responding to the needs of the sector; The necessity of a standard covering both general and industry-specific quality issues has emerged.
The automotive sector is an area where many stakeholders are involved, including spare parts manufacturers, authorized and special services, businesses that provide design and assembly services, as well as vehicle manufacturers. ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System is a very comprehensive standard that can be applied throughout the automotive supply chain. It contains rules regarding quality for every business in the automotive industry, regardless of its size.
ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System is one of the most basic certifications especially for automotive spare parts manufacturers. Every company that wants to be a supplier of vehicle producing brands must establish and document this system.

Difference of ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System from ISO 9001

Although ISO / IATF 16949 is based on ISO 9001, it also handles many issues regarding the dynamics, applications, products and services in the automotive industry. In this context, we can say that the standard addresses the following issues in addition to ISO 9001:
• Planning about the facility, factory and used equipment and materials
• Regular and planned cleaning of production facility areas
• Establishing an effective process for the review, distribution and implementation of engineering standards and specifications
• In ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System, efficiency is one of the most important factors. The standard requires continuous monitoring and improvement of efficiency in business processes.
• Determining and analyzing the type of faults that occur during vehicle and spare parts design and production stages
• Businesses wishing to establish the ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System must have sufficient infrastructure and equipment for product or service production; product risk analysis.
• Establishing and following emergency action plans
• Creation of documents containing processes and systems required for product control
• According to ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System, business top management should appoint a customer representative to ensure compliance with customer requirements.
• Giving employees the right duties, authorities and responsibilities and continuously motivating them.

Items of ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System

We can list the main topics in the standard as follows:
1. Scope
2. Normative references
3.Terms and definitions
4. Context of the organization
5. Leadership
6. Planning
9.Performance evaluation
10. Improvement
There are also parts taken from ISO 9001 in ISO / IATF 16949 standard.
After the publication of the IATF 16949: 2016 standard, businesses that implement the ISO / TS 16949: 2009 standard must transition to this new standard. Organizations that want to obtain the most up-to-date information about the ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System and to raise their standards must first take a transition training. In addition, enterprises that will implement and certify the standard for the first time should directly take the IATF 16949 as a basis.


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