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ISO 20000 Information Technologies Service Management System Consultancy Service

ISO 20000 Information Technologies Service Management System Consultancy Service

Information technology, or IT as it is commonly used, is a very broad concept and includes the following topics:

-Any kind of electronic data within an institution.
- Processing, storing, transferring or changing this data.
-Software (operating systems, servers, programs, databases, etc.) and hardware used for these processes.

As a result of the rapid development of today´s technology and computers, IT studies and the services offered in this field have gained importance. Institutions can not only solve their IT studies with their own units, but also receive services in this field from other companies. In any case, these studies need to be carried out within the framework of a certain standard. The ISO 20000 Information Technologies Service Management System, developed in this context, provides guidance on various issues for companies providing IT services. The main topics that ISO 20000 guides companies are:

-The procedures that companies will follow within the scope of IT services.
-How to monitor performance and how this performance can be improved.
-How to meet the expectations of the units responsible within the organization and external customers.
- Since ISO 20000 is a process-based standard, what are the processes that should be followed within the scope of the standard.

Benefits of ISO 20000 to Companies

ISO 20000, if fully implemented, ensures, above all, the active operation of IT services within the company. ISO 2000, which saves time and money, also increases the competitiveness of companies in the market. It helps IT services processes run quickly and securely. To accurately determine customer demands; It also supports the most efficient use of resources. Today, since the concept of information is both very valuable and risky to manage, companies integrated into the ISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management System can minimize these risks. With this system, companies can also detect some unnecessary tasks and eliminate them. In this way, companies can have the chance to discover their own talents and advance confidently towards their goals with the right methods and people.

Where and How to Get ISO 20000 Certificate?

ISO 20000 is a very comprehensive standard with multiple appendices in it. For example, while ISO/IEC 20000-1 sets out the general requirements, ISO/IEC 20000-2 mentions the application principles. The latest version of ISO 20000 -1, the basic standard of Information Technologies Service Management System, was revised and entered into force in September 2018. Companies that have the previous version, the 2011 version, are required to raise their standards to 2018 within a certain period of time.
ISO 20000 certificate is issued only by accredited certification bodies. Companies must check the accreditation of the institution they apply for in order to obtain a valid certificate at the end of the certification process. Otherwise, the received document will not be valid at the domestic or international level.
In order to have this certificate, the applicant companies must pass the audits of the institutions that will carry out the certification. This audit is a process that has certain rules and procedures and is completed in a long period of time. In this respect, companies should set up this system and make it operational before applying for a certificate. For this, the best method would be to get support from a consultancy firm on ISO 20000 Information Technologies Service Management System Certification and Consultancy. Otherwise, the inspection and certification processes will be prolonged and unnecessary time and money will be lost.

ISO 20000 Certification and Consulting Services Process

Before applying for this certificate, when support is requested from a consultancy firm, the following processes are generally followed:

-Determining the scope of the standard: Since there are many departments within the body of the company that will apply, it is clearly stated for which units the standard will be taken.

-Compliance analysis: The extent to which the IT units to be integrated into the system are currently in compliance with ISO 20000 is analyzed.

-System design: As a result of the analysis, a road map is determined for the work to be done. In this context, a general and component-based design of the system is presented together with the consultancy firm and the company that will apply.

-Implementation: In this step, the processes designed according to the requirements of the standard are implemented.

-Follow-up and Improvement: The application is constantly monitored and new steps are determined for the continuous improvement of the system with the feedback received from the application steps.

Information Technologies Service It is necessary to integrate into the system and get a certificate. You survived with being able to receive it before the application and obtaining a certification that they can earn, and being able to be realized before the preparation stage and a certification that they can earn.

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