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ISO 21001 Educational Institutions Management System Certificate

ISO 21001 is an international standard that describes management system requirements for organizations providing educational products and services. The ISO 21001 Educational Institutions Management System standard, which helps educational institutions meet the needs of students, was first published in 2010 as ISO 29990. Later, the standard, which was revised as ISO 22001:2018 in 2018, will be updated as ISO/CD 21001 in the coming period. Educational institutions that want to obtain ISO 21001 Educational Institutions Management System Certificate must meet the requirements of the latest version and apply to accredited certification bodies with the management system they have established.

The standard "ISO 21001:2018 Educational organizations - Management systems for educational organizations - Requirements with user manual" is basically based on the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. It includes basic quality requirements and practices, as well as training institution specific requirements, verification methods, procedures and principles. The ISO 21001 standard can be applied by all organizations that provide knowledge and skill transfer by providing education and training services, regardless of the teaching methods. You can contact Aşan Danışmanlık about the content of the standard, scope of certification, certification process and all other issues.

How thoroughly assessment is needed to ensure they review, revise and continue education. ISO 21001 is a standard directed by the Organization for Standardization (International Organization for Standardization) and focuses on International education, student and other people related activities. The current education war, we have to get out of a collaborative situation with customer-suppliers. This standard provides guidance on how to monitor the challenging new quality.

the education sector; For a successful educational process, it will be possible to be an absolute guarantee even if it maximizes the chance of being a possibility. This is a higher level section. Progress can be made in student transportation, in reaching educational goals, and in education. Examination; From the USA, a model that includes the model and its internalization. Education organization; This information allows the method to review the content. The life topic provides inputs and necessary learning related to this topic. However, graduating can play an important role in graduating from education and achieve this success.

ISO 21001 Standard; Training and services to be delivered and procured for use can be sent as a common management tool for institutions. This standard; It can be referred to as ISO 21001 Management System for Educational Organizations or ISO 21001 Educational Organizations Management System. This standard; It is an independent management system standard that is compatible with ISO management system standards. It can be designed for use, use in a simple way, and simplification can be made easily with this standard.

All usage of ISO 21001 is general. How are the types, sizes, products and services provided; It is intended to be applicable to all educational programs that create, share and educate in good or research education. This upgrade applies to management of any organization that uses a system for standard renewal, school, and education.

ISO 21001 Educational Institutions Management System Certification

Even though there are people who benefit from the education system from educational institutions all over the world, all training will be benefited from the standard management in education. As an example of education; preschool, primary, secondary, high school, college, education education, vocational education and training, education or training schools, education training, education departments, counselors and non-formal education service providers. It will be owned, including public (supported, subsidized), private (commercial), self-sufficient (with revenues generated in-house), and non-profit (sponsored).

The ISO transmission system in education standards is targeted at 21001, this control and certification (certification process) should be discussed with the authorized/organizations and should prepare for the audits. He should prepare the programs and sunbathe. If all audits are successful and designed, the relevant manager; ISO 21001 Organizations Management System Certificate can be obtained and this management system can be applied for educational purposes. This certification activity is called ISO 21001 Educational Institutions Management System Certification. The ISO 21001 certificate company must be the certification company that issues the accreditation authority.

Validity Period of ISO 21001 Educational Institutions Management System Certificate

The validity period of ISO 21001 Educational Institutions Management System Certificate; It is 3 years with terms to interim audit every year. Whether the ISO 21001 compliant controls are implemented as appropriate and controllable controls in the company related to these audits. Regular inspectors must be paid each year. If the 3rd year is the last, it must be re-certified. If this audit is successfully passed, the validity period of the ISO 21001 Educational Institutions Certificate will be extended for another 3 years. As a result, 3 is for an audit.

ISO 21001 Educational Institutions Management System Scope

We can summarize the principles that ISO 21001 is based on in education and training as follows:

* Promotes student-centered learning by putting students in the focus and taking into account the needs and demands of all students individually.
* It aims at the participation of all parties providing education and is based on the development of the competence of educators to teach.
* Adopts the process approach as in other ISO management systems.
* The continuous improvement approach is an integral part of the ISO 21001 Educational Institutions Management System.
* Evidence-based decision-making mechanism is established in the follow-up of the education management system and quality procedures.
* The standard defines qualification standards covering all personnel to achieve the objectives of the educational institution.
* Aims for educational institutions to establish sustainable relations with all their stakeholders.
* It cares about growth and development with corporate sustainability and social responsibility principles within the framework of ISO 26000 Social Responsibility standard.
* ISO 21001 aims all educational institutions to be flexible, fair, ethical, accountable and transparent.
* Educational institutions that have ISO 21001 Certificate keep the information of students, teachers and all other stakeholders with the principle of confidentiality.

How to Get ISO 21001 Certificate?

Today, all public schools, private schools, pre-school education institutions, vocational education institutions, universities, colleges, institutes and educational institutions in many other categories can obtain ISO 21001 Educational Institutions Management System Certificate. The starting point for organizations that want to make the education service standard compatible with international principles is undoubtedly the ISO 21001 Certificate. In this way, it becomes much easier to improve the quality of education service, manage risks and opportunities, adhere to social responsibility principles, protect stakeholder interests and provide student-centered education services.

Here are some of the steps that organizations that want to obtain ISO 21001 Educational Institutions Management System Certificate should follow:

* Establishing a planned quality management system for educational institutions in accordance with the standard
* Training employees on ISO 21001 and assigning internal auditors
* To prepare for the certification process with internal audits
* To prepare the documents required by the ISO 21001 Educational Institutions Management System
* Applying to accredited certification bodies
* Contracting organizations and creating a certification plan
* Performing independent audits and preparing audit reports
* Closing detected nonconformities
* Issuing ISO 21001 Certificate and finalizing the process

You can get information from Aşan Danışmanlık on all issues related to the ISO 21001 Educational Institutions Management System Certificate. Aşan Danışmanlık plans the certification process with its expert staff and supports you at every step.


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