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ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certificate

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System is an international standard that ensures food safety in all rings of the food production chain. It is a document formerly known as HACCP. The ISO 22000 Standard means that you know the minimum quality of the product you will receive, and you can definitely trust this product. The standard in question in the structure of the title is universal. It is necessary to obtain this document, which is necessary to make sure of a food product, and it has certain conditions. These conditions include many elements such as hygiene, quality, health, reliability, accessibility. ISO 22000 is a food-related sub-branch of the ISO 9001 certificate (quality standard applicable to all sectors). It works in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 management systems and is a management system based on HACCP (Hazard Critical Control Point) criteria.ISO 22000:2018 Standard, which is a new version of the ISO 22000:2005 Standard, was published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in June 2018. It is currently in use and is the most current version of the standard.

Why is a Food Safety Management System Necessary?

This document presents all kinds of questions that a person may have about the food standard, as a condition that those who want to receive the document must fulfill. The ability to identify all the problems that may occur during and after the production stage of the product is a factor that prevents the loss of cash and time. All controls (product, production, equipment, maintenance, personnel, storage, training, evaluation, etc.) this is done during the application of the system. The document can only be obtained in this way, and the acquisition of the document continues as long as these conditions are met. From this point of view, it is quite comforting, it is a certified document that contains all the answers. Its purpose is to make products convenient and reliable for the consumer. This goal directly eliminates the questioning of its necessity. In addition, this document is an evidence. It is a proof that it is legally approved, that it is compatible with consumers and other institutions, and most importantly, it is a proof of the quality of the product it reveals.

Who Can Get the ISO 22000 Certificate?

Anyone who does food-related work can use it. Should use. The volume, size of the institution or organization is not important. Just food producers (farmers, fishermen, dairies, bakeries, frozen food manufacturers, package for food manufacturers, food producers and providers, catering companies, fast moving consumer services, restaurants, etc. as such) it is not; companies or enterprises that produce machinery for food production or provide materials can also obtain this document.

How to Get ISO 22000 Certificate?
The first step is taken to obtain the document by applying to the website of the Turkish accreditation agency. jul. The organizations that will be located on this site have systems that are authorized and certified for food safety. The time required to obtain this document varies. it can also be taken within 4-5 months and for a period exceeding 1 year. This situation depends entirely on how much the institution that wants to have documents meets the standards.


Ways to follow to get ISO 22000 Certificate;

After the application is completed and all the necessary conditions have been met:

1. A pre-qualification program should be taken and implemented.
2. The institution that wants to receive the document must create a food safety team.
3. Product identification must be made.
4. The team should determine the stages and definitions.
5. Diagrams about the walkway should be created.
6. Hazards should be identified and the maximum amount of danger that the organization can overcome should be determined.
7. The stages of these hazards and their checkpoints and precautions should be determined. Information on hazards should be collected.
8. Hazards should be assessed.
9. It should be determined and evaluated which controls will be provided.
10. The document must be created.
11. Verifications should be planned.
12. The terms of the document must be determined.

Note: These articles have been created by examining explanations from different sources. They do not have any conditions or documents.

What Does ISO 22000 Do?
This document is an international one. The institution will have the status of an institution certified by a document recognized by world standards.
Trust. Being trustworthy is or should be the first goal of every institution. Possession of the document will bring a direct confidence. It will indirectly increase demand. It will bring transparency with it. The document is being updated. This means that the organization, company or business will keep itself, its products and operations up to date. It raises the quality of the product and the name of the institution and makes it stand out. It is of a nature that will exclude all problems that may arise due to the product (food).

It ensures that the institution is constantly improving itself during the processes of obtaining and after the document. This document, which requires good planning, pushes the enterprise to be planned in other areas as well. It ensures the satisfaction of many branches such as consumer, customer, provider.

It helps to overcome any problems that may arise during the inspections at the smallest level. Organizations with documents are considered more advantageous in opening abroad. It provides an increase in the number of all kinds of people and institutions working together. The document holder increases the trust of the institution not only to its surroundings, but also to himself. The institution with the certificate continues its progress in the sector with confident and firm steps.

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