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ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System Consulting Service

ISO 22301 is a standard that aims to ensure continuity in the activities of organizations and to take measures against possible business interruptions. Any business, regardless of size, scope, context and type, can comply with this standard and establish a business continuity management system. ISO 22301, prepared in accordance with ISO´s other management system standards; It also includes a common approach with systems such as quality, energy, environment, occupational health and safety, food safety, etc. First published in 2012, the standard was last updated in 2019. Therefore, organizations that want to implement the business continuity management system and obtain ISO 22301 Certificate should refer to ISO 22301:2019.

Businesses that want to have a certificate should receive consultancy services for the purposes of learning the standard in detail, getting ISO 22301 training, preparing for certification audits, etc. Aşan Consulting, which stands out with its professional, quality and safe consultancy service solutions, provides consultancy to organizations on ISO 22301. You can visit our website and contact us to get more detailed information about the certification, training and consultancy services of Aşan Danışmanlık and to apply for ISO 22301 consultancy service.

ISO 22301 Scope

ISO 22301 aims to protect the activities of organizations against interruptions, to ensure that the organization takes the right action in case of possible interruptions, and to minimize the negative effects of such interruptions on the organization. While the business continuity management system enables organizations to create a business continuity policy, it also helps the organization to be resistant to risks that threaten continuity. The ISO 22301 Certificate enables the institution to see to what extent it meets the emerging needs for business continuity and to test its capabilities in this regard.

ISO 22301 describes the context of the organization and the scope of the business continuity management system. Then, starting from the top management, it determines the duties and responsibilities of the employees at all levels within the management system. It guides companies to identify risks, opportunities and corporate targets and to plan possible changes in this regard. Establishing the right communication channels among the stakeholders of the business continuity management system, raising awareness within the organization, documentation of processes and activities and resource planning are also within the scope of the ISO 22301 standard.

The creation of business continuity strategies and the establishment of procedures related to business continuity within and outside the organization are also included in the standard. In addition, as in other ISO management system standards, rules and principles are also explained for measuring and improving the performance of the system. Finally, it helps the business continuity management system to show an increasing performance all the time with its continuous improvement approach.

ISO 22301 Consulting Service Scope

Aşan Danışmanlık professionally plans the process of obtaining ISO 22301 certification. The consultancy process begins with the identification of deficiencies and nonconformities that prevent certification within the institution. Afterwards, a comprehensive certification program is prepared, including the closing of these nonconformities. Training is also included in this program. In addition, the studies that the institution should do in order to prepare for certification audits are determined.

In the following stages, the corporate infrastructure is being built for the establishment and commissioning of a business continuity management system and its performance to be continuously reviewed and improved. After all preparations are completed, an application is made to accredited certification bodies and the process is followed. Organizations are also supported in closing the nonconformities that arise during certification audits. You can contact us for more detailed information about ISO 22301 business continuity management system consultancy service.

Benefits of ISO 22301 Certificate

ISO 22301 Certificate provides benefits to organizations in many ways. This system should be implemented in order to support strategic goals, gain competitive advantage in the market, increase corporate durability and maintain trust in the brand in order to ensure business continuity. In addition, it reduces the risks in the financial management of the institution and minimizes the costs caused by business interruptions. It ensures the security of corporate resources and allows stakeholder expectations to be met in the most accurate way. It helps to demonstrate a proactive approach to corporate risks and to conduct operations with high levels of security. It plays a critical role in maintaining the effectiveness of the organization even during business interruptions.