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ISO 22483 Tourism and Related Services Standard Consultancy Service

ISO 22483 Tourism and Related Services Standard Consultancy Service

One of the most important issues for institutions today is standards, meeting the requirements of these standards and complying with them. Therefore, it is an important issue for the managers of the institution to be informed about the published standards or to ensure that the relevant personnel are informed. Regarding standards and standardization; One of the important organizations that the standards published by it should be followed is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). There are many standards that are prepared by ISO or ISO-affiliated committees and then published. ISO 22483 Standard is one of these standards.

ISO 22483 Standard; It is a 29-page standard prepared by the technical committee named ISO/TC 228 Tourism and Related Services and published by ISO in April 2020. In addition, this standard; It can also be called ISO 22483 Tourism and Related Services - Hotels - Service Requirements Standard or ISO 22483:2020 Tourism and Related Services - Hotels - Service Requirements Standard. As it can be understood from the words "Tourism and related services - Hotels" in the name of this standard, the document of this standard; provides a common and accessible reference (source) for all hotels in terms of providing quality service. In addition, it can be said that this document has been developed by taking into account the current demands of guests and global trends (trends), along with different types of hotels in the world, current categorization systems, business models, sizes and services offered.

There are more than 150 standard organizations that are members of ISO. ISO is in a position to be called a worldwide federation or umbrella of these organisations. In this case; Any feedback or questions regarding the document of this standard should be directed to the national standards body of the user using the document of this standard.

ISO 22483 Tourism and Related Services Standard Consultancy Service

In order to obtain the certificate or certificate of a standard, it is necessary to enter some audits or to meet some conditions. If the institution that wants to obtain the certificate of a standard is informed about these conditions and inspections, it will not have as much difficulty, perhaps even no difficulty, as an institution that does not have knowledge, in meeting these conditions and successfully passing these inspections. Because if this institution has knowledge, it will have an idea about what, how much and how to prepare. Same way; He has an idea of ??what to do, how and when. In this way, it can work in a more planned and accurate way.

In other words, it can be beneficial to receive consultancy services before a certification or certification process. In our country, there are companies that provide consultancy services regarding certification processes. Institutions that want to have certification can take service from these consultancy firms and make the necessary preparations for certification more expertly. Institutions that want to obtain the certificate of ISO 22483 Tourism and Related Services Standard can also make the necessary preparations expertly before certification by contacting a consultancy firm regarding this standard. If a suitable consultancy firm related to the Tourism and related services standard cannot be found, in this case, the certification firms can be contacted and information can be obtained from them before the certification.

Considerations for Obtaining ISO 22483 Standard Certificate or Certificate

Certification or certification procedures are carried out by authorized companies in our country. Generally, the relevant institution is audited within the scope of certification or certification processes for a standard. It is an important issue for institutions to be prepared for these audits and to pass them successfully. Because if an audit is unsuccessful, it can be a case of waiting days or months for the next audit. This will result in loss of time and therefore loss of capital.

Firms or institutions that want to obtain the certificate or certificate of the ISO 22483 Standard should find the authorized company on this subject and make an application/interview to start the certification process. The following three stages can be followed within the scope of certification;

• Initial Evaluation Stage: Checking whether the institution requesting certification meets the mandatory requirements of the standard in question,

• Preparation of Documents Phase: Checking whether the procedures and audits within the scope of the ISO 22483 Standard have been developed and reviewing the organization´s preparation for evaluation,

• Documentation Phase: Evaluation of the findings obtained in the first two phases and preparation of the document after reviewing any corrective action taken.

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