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ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices Management System

ISO 22716 GOOD PRODUCTION APPLICATIONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification

It includes protective measures regarding internal and external conditions related to the organization in order to prevent or reduce the possibility of contamination of the product from internal and external sources. This application is one of the basic approaches in the production and distribution of food and cosmetic products and it is a series of techniques that must be applied uninterruptedly in raw material, processing, product development, production, packaging, storage, distribution stages to ensure quality in products.

It is a quality approach for manufacturing and ensures the professional work of the food industry employees, ensuring reliable and effective product production.

In addition, it deals with a business in all its aspects, with its essential features and with different criteria for each production process. It identifies and controls the quality and reliability of the place of production, environment, tool-equipment and production process, personnel and raw materials. Covering the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food sector, GMP also covers this sector with the adoption of the Cosmetics law, which ensures that detergents and cleaning products are accepted in the “cosmetic class”. Just send an email to get the cosmetic GMP Guidelines sample. Request ISO 22716 GMP Guidelines and consultancy from info@asandanismanlik.com.

Products such as drugs, cosmetics, food, medical devices that directly affect Human Health should be produced under reliable conditions and system. This means an effective and reliable product in quality. In other words, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guides the conditions under which these products should be produced.

In the GMP Consultancy process, activities are carried out to establish the system and ensure continuity by considering current practices.

GMP applications have become essential in the production of cosmetic products with the new cosmetic regulation. ISO 22716 is an international standard that includes and can be documented, especially for GMP applications prepared for cosmetic products. We provide consultancy services for the establishment, implementation and operation of the ISO 22716 Cosmetics for both the fulfillment of the regulatory requirements and having a certified GMP system.

Our consultants who have worked in the sector for years in GMP Consultancy and have knowledge and experience on current practices with FDA audit experience are on duty.

1. For the Production of Human Medicinal Products

It is part of the quality assurance, which guarantees the continuous production and control of pharmaceuticals according to the quality standards and intended use, as required by the license information or product specification.

2. For Cosmetic Production Place

It is an quality assurance system that effectively controls the human factor, technical and administrative factors that can have an impact on product quality in organizing and realizing the production of cosmetic products.

Our Consultancy Services on GMP Applications and GMP Certificate

1. For the Production of Human Medicinal Products

• Making Human Medicinal Products Production Site In Conformity with GMP System (GMP Rules)
• Editing the Production Site Permit Document for Human Medicinal Products, application and follow-up procedures

2. For Cosmetic Production Place

• Installation of GMP System for Cosmetics Production Site

• Development of the existing GMP System for the Cosmetics Production Site

• Installation in accordance with TSE-EN ISO 22716 Cosmetics-Good Manufacturing Practices Standard

We can list ISO 22716 Training, Explaining ISO 22716 Standard, Explaining ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices, Auditing GMP Standards, Receiving GMP Certificate (ISO 22716 Certificate). You can call us for ISO 22716 GMP Certificate… 0212 438 59 90 Pbx


* What are the quality control systems expressed in GxP?
* What is GMP, Why is it Necessary?
* What is cGMP?
* What is GTP (Good Tissue Practices)?
* What are the Outlines of cGMP?
* Why is Building / Facility important?
* What are the outlines of the GMP Building?
* What is HVAC and HEPA-Filter?

What are the quality control systems expressed in GxP?

It is part of the quality control systems called GxP (Good / Good –x-Practice).

The term replacing “x” covers the area of ??interest for that quality control system. Among these standards

* GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice
* GTP: Good Tissue Practice (Good Tissue Practice)
* GLP: Good Laboratory Practice
* GCP: Good Clinical Practice

What is GMP, Why is it Necessary?

It is a quality system that covers the rules regarding the production of medicines, raw materials of medicines, medical devices, diagnostic products and foods used in medicine.

It is a system that tries to control the related processes and the organization established for this in order to prevent various contaminations, confusion and errors during production.

This quality is contra