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ISO 28000 Standard

Take a look at the services for the ISO 28000 Standard, which is offered to you with the best consultants with Aşan Consulting, through the site and get the most suitable consultancy offer for your business.

The ISO 28000 standard is a risk-based management system that aims to control the actions that are regulated intentionally or unauthorizedly in the supply processes and chains of the enterprises. It contributes to the protection of the products from the manufacturing stage to the sales stage and to take the necessary steps in this way. All necessary applications and deliberate intervention in these applications provide great benefits for minimizing damage by preventing damages and also for proving that you are under control against security risks to customs authorities. In addition, you can reduce your insurance costs thanks to the ISO 28000 certificate, which you can obtain in a short time. The fact that your brand, business and supply processes are better than your competitors in the international arena will also bring you a competitive advantage.

ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System is required for all companies involved in this process. It should be applied to all companies that offer transportation, shipping and customs services. In order to obtain this document, you can work with Aşan Consulting´s teams that have proven themselves in this field and have the necessary documentation prepared in a short time. The documentation prepared for your company goes to the implementation stage and all necessary trainings are completed through Aşan Danışmanlık. With the application to the certification body and the completion of the actual audit, your company will be able to obtain the ISO 28000 certificate in a very short time.
What Does a Supply Chain Mean?

To explain the supply chain in general terms, we can think of it as a network that forms the entire interconnected ring formed by the producers & distributors by supplying the necessary raw materials, turning them into intermediate goods or final products, completing the production processes and distributing the products to the customers. This special network includes suppliers, logistics service providers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and many business lines. Regarding the supply chain, you need to find solutions to the needs and demands of your customers, wholesalers and retailers. There is a competitive environment in Turkey and in the world. In this environment, companies that deliver their products to their customers in the fastest and most accurate way always win and earn.

When you establish your organization´s supply chain well and use it efficiently, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors. In this system, process management should be the first basis. Customer relationship management, customer service management, requests management services, order processing and management of your manufacturing flows should be priority in supply chain management. In addition to these, it is necessary to act through process management at the point of purchasing and product development.

When we look at the main purpose of the ISO 28000 system, the aim of adding value to the company is at the first point. It is to maximize the satisfaction of your customers, to reduce the cycle time, to reduce the stock costs of the enterprise, to reduce the errors that may occur in your products and to reduce your costs. By reducing your lead times, your company should be able to respond quickly to changes in the industry. Consumer demands for companies should be met in the most accurate way and the quality of your products should be expanded in this context. By using the latest technologies, you also show that you are always open to innovations.

ISO 28000 Certification Consultancy

With Aşan Consulting, you can obtain the Supply Chain Security Management System certificate in a short time. Business continuity is of vital importance for the company, which is in many supply processes. Disruptions that may occur during the process can shake the company from its roots. In these processes, we are here for you to determine the risks correctly in advance and to ensure business continuity by effectively managing the risks.

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