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ISO 28000

You can access all the information and details you wonder about ISO 28000, the Supply Chain Security Management System, on the website of Aşan Danışmanlık.

With ISO 28000, which will ensure the implementation of the right management model for companies that want to have this document, it is ensured that the details of security and other management systems in the field of supply chain are gathered under a single roof. It draws the attention of companies that depend on the supply chain and the correct management of risks to critical steps at critical points. When it comes to the supply chain of the enterprises, you should know that it includes every stage from the supply of raw materials to the end user. You can get information and support from Aşan Danışmanlık for all the details you wonder about this series of processes, where each of them is intertwined and each step is in relation with each other.

ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System

Within the scope of increasing globalization in the world, competition conditions are also developing rapidly and all details such as the timely delivery of the products by the companies and the importance they attach to quality are taken as a basis. It is very important for brands to take precautions, knowing the risks associated with the issue of not being able to deliver the products supplied by the brands, and foreseeing the consequences, especially in the context of the frequent repetition of financial crises in Turkey. For the continuity of the companies, it is necessary to act knowing the risks. In 2007, ISO 28000 Supply Chain Management System took its place in our lives in order to manage risks correctly and support continuity. With this standard, building a reliable supply chain and learning critical security requirements has become easier. Aşan Danışmanlık supports all companies that want to create an accurate supply management model by holding the ISO 28000 Certificate.

The meaning of the word "SAFETY" in the name of this standard is to prevent harmful activities in the face of unauthorized or knowing actions in the supply chain. Our experts work to ensure that your company has an effective risk assessment and to control the risks that may arise in the supply chain. By getting your company ready, making the right risk management and effective planning, you will be entitled to receive ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System certificate with Aşan Consulting in a short time.

This standard, which will provide security in the production area, storage area, distribution areas until the products reach the buyer, increases security throughout the entire supply chain for the company. With our experts, we ensure the correct management of the supply chain, make efforts to improve it, and bring your company to a level that meets international standards. Thanks to the ISO 28000 consultancy you will receive from Aşan, you can have your performance measurements done and start improvements immediately.

What Are the Benefits of ISO 28000?

* It will prove the development of the ability of the customs authorities to identify and control the security risks related to the products of the companies and their shipments. Thanks to the ISO 28000 certificate, trust is gained from the companies where the products and services are offered.

* It is ensured that the company knows the security risks for each sector and takes the necessary precautions. In case of possible damage, it is possible to minimize the damage thanks to this standard.

* It is ensured that the products of the companies are minimized in case of theft, in case of damage, in case of damage, in case of deterioration, in case of theft during all operations in the production areas, storage departments and transportation operations of the products of the companies. In cases where the senior management related to the activities comes to the agenda, it will be very comfortable to manage it together with other business decisions. ISO 28000 will offer you numerous benefits in compliance with many business decisions.

* The possibility of damage in the scope of "deliberate" actions that may occur in buildings, facilities and equipment of the enterprise ensures that temporary steps are taken to prevent the use of the company´s equipment and company´s tools in malicious acts, their use in terrorist acts, and acts aimed at harming company managers and employees.

Take risks under control with the Supply Chain Security Management System consultancy you will receive from Aşan Danışmanlık. Have basic awareness with our trainings that will be given in a way that will ensure the continuity of your suitability.

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