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ISO 29001 Certificate

ISO 29001 Certificate
The ISO 29001 certificate is the document that determines the quality management systems and quality management systems of the enterprises that supply oil and gas products and operate in this field. ISO 20091 specifies technical specification requirements for businesses that work on oil and gas products. The document also regulates and controls the way the company, which operates in this field, continuously provides products. It also provides the legal arrangements with the customer required in this field. The standard, known as the ISO 29001 standard, works as an extension of the ISO 9001 quality standard used to determine quality management systems in the international arena. Accordingly, the adoption of an organization´s quality management system ensures that the quality management system works effectively in order to improve the performance of the company in the field of activity and to make it sustainable. International ISO 29001 provides a common approach for businesses operating on oil, gas and petrochemical products to establish quality management systems.
Purpose of ISO 29001 Certificate
ISO 29001 certificate is a quality management system certificate. It is required for companies operating in the oil and gas field to establish a quality management system. Requirements determined in the technical specification enable the regulation of this system. One of the purposes of this document is to ensure the most effective implementation of the system. Thanks to this application, there is customer satisfaction. To increase customer satisfaction, to ensure continuity in the work of the system and to improve this system, it controls the legal provisions that ensure compliance, quality and safe products for the customer. The ISO 29001 quality certificate is intended to be valid for all operating institutions, being independent of the type and size of the product. There are institutions where the ISO 29001 system can be applied besides these purposes. These institutions are enterprises that carry out refining of oil and gas products and exploration, pipeline, transportation and production activities. Together with these enterprises, they are organizations that work in the search for oil and gas products, and provide services in the field of design, production and service of equipment used for production, transportation and refining. For organizations that continue these studies, they have the right to obtain ISO 29001 certification from their organizations that provide technical, support and operational services.
Quality Standard for Oil in Line with ISO 29001
There are certain goals for the quality management system that occurs in line with the ISO 29001 certificate, and these goals focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Organizations should continuously control and improve their quality management systems in accordance with the specified requirements. In line with these requirements, organizations:

  •  Determine processes, sequence of processes and interaction to ensure operations and control to be an effective and quality system,
  •  Must monitor and control tests and operations well, and provide the necessary information to support measurements and controls,
  • Analyze these processes, measurements and controls,
  •  Must apply the necessary studies in order to reach the planned results and to continuously improve these processes.

ISO 29001 Certificate Measurement, Analysis and Improvement Studies
After the company has started to implement the ISO 29001 quality management system, it must continuously follow the system and ensure the development of the system. In this way, the customer satisfaction quality set as a target is achieved. For the development and follow-up of the system, it should continuously apply measurement, analysis and improvement studies when necessary. It can continuously improve its activities in institutions working in the field of oil and gas products. The results of the targets, policies and audits determined by the quality management system can be achieved thanks to corrective and preventive actions. In these studies:

  • The suitability of the product should be demonstrated with the studies and data analysis,
  •  The compliance of the quality management system of the organization that carries out its activities for the oil and gas industry,
  •  The management system constantly controls its quality effectiveness and makes improvement studies

It should be determined by measurement, analysis and improvement studies. These determined data should be documented and used in improvement studies.

ISO 29001 Certification Process
There is also a process plan for certification in the certification process of the organization. The organization is audited by independent accredited institutions that have been approved. It is necessary to meet the requirements specified in the standard and to meet the requirements in order to create a quality management system within the scope of ISO 29001 certificate. After the audits and compliance reports of the businesses are prepared, it is determined whether they can receive the document. Businesses with a quality management system are inspected every year. Inspections are also made by the organizations that give approval for the document. Organizations must renew the ISO 29001 certificate in certain periods.