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ISO 3834 Welded Manufacturing Competence Certificate

ISO 3834 standard aims the quality conditions that will emerge when the companies that manufacture by welding are based on the melting welding method in metals. This document standard has been prepared by ISO as an international standard and is important for almost every company in the sector.

What is Welded Manufacturing?

Resources that allow many materials to be combined with each other in the industry are very, very important for companies in the manufacturing sector. Welding works are mainly used in metal products and in the field of joining thermoplastic materials. The material to be welded is melted and this part is filled with certain parts. Subsequently, the cooling process of the welded part is performed and the occurs thanks to the heat. Electric arc, gas flame, laser, electron beams or ultra sound waves techniques are used in welding.

One of the most important issues for companies engaged in manufacturing by welding is the health and safety precautions to be taken. An environment that will be free from dust, fumes and gases that will adversely affect the health of workers in this sector is required. Companies have to take all health and safety precautions for their personnel serving in this field to be protected from harmful substances.

ISO 3834 Welded Manufacturing Competence

The ISO 3834 standard is required for all of our welded manufacturers. Here, melting welding methods in metals are taken as basis and appropriate quality conditions are determined. It is only related to the source and the quality of the products in the works that will be affected by the source. For companies, the ISO 3834 standard has a system that can determine all the quality requirements for welded productions and the welding capabilities of the manufacturers who will make the productions in the specified qualities and provides guidance to the companies in this field. It is the most basic issue that the welding quality systems of the companies in the manufacturing sector can be evaluated.

The ISO 3834-2 welded manufacturing qualification standard covers the welded manufacturing work to be done in the production facilities or in the outer areas of the production facilities, where it provides determination for capability to everyone within the scope of quality. To convey the most important elements regarding controls in this area;

* Control of materials must be ensured.
* Required quality should be checked for the ion of consumables.
* Welding coordination training should be given to the personnel.
* All personnel welders serving within the company must be certified.
* Welding methods must be determined and adhered to a standard.
* Appropriate steps should be determined for welded manufacturing.
* The processes should be finalized by determining the tests in the damaged or undestroyed areas and performing the quality control thanks to these tests.

You can reach Aşan Danışmanlık for the ISO 3834 certificate, which can work in integration with ISO 9001, the most preferred quality management system.

ISO 3834 Welded Manufacturing Management System

Welded manufacturing is important for many products. In fact, it is used in steel constructions, buildings, steel structures, bridges and highways, pipeline systems, ladder systems, pressure vessels, transportation equipment, etc. that you will see in almost every part of the world. Welding is required in many areas of manufacturing. It is the most important for determining the quality of the product in companies in the manufacturing business sector. If there is an error in the design of a product that requires welding, it will reveal situations that can cause a lot of cost to these companies. When a problem occurs due to the wrong material ion of a product with the correct design and the lack of welding application, later cracks may occur in the product. Quality procedures are in place to ensure a solid and reliable welding process. ISO 3834 certificate has emerged in order to have quality for all products included in welded production.

The ISO 9001 standard is required for every company. We can say that this standard, which brings quality and makes it permanent for many sectors, is the first document to be obtained for companies that make welded manufacturing. In the manufacturing sector, the real quality of the product emerges with the subsequent tests, especially for the welded manufacturing companies. At this point, the details of the ISO 3834 standard emerge. The steps to be taken with the right control and the right actions ensure the technical details to occur. It is important to be kept under control at all times before and after production. It is also necessary to pay attention to the details about the fact that the companies engaged in manufacturing by welding have the main role in the effect of heat and pressure. As Aşan Danışmanlık, we provide consultancy services for the qualification management standard in welded manufacturing and make your personnel ready in a short time.


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