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ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System

ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System

More than one study is carried out to ensure road and traffic safety by the General Directorate of Highways under the Ministry of Transport. Arrangement of areas and factors such as signboards, lighting, resting facility and fuel station on highways is a very important issue. All these efforts are carried out to ensure road and traffic safety, as well as to prevent accidents that cause loss of life and property. However, despite everything, deaths, injuries and property damage cannot be prevented.

What is ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System Standard?

The ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management System standard, published by the International Standards Organization (ISO) in 2012, is an important standard for ensuring the road and traffic safety of businesses. A standard that specifies the minimum requirements of a road traffic safety management system. The ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety System offers companies an understanding that is fully accepted among nations.

What are ISO 39001 Certificate Principles?

Ensuring safety on the road and traffic is a very important issue not only in terms of protecting people´s life safety, but also in reducing the costs of businesses and reducing the damage to the environment. Businesses should have ISO 39001 Certificate in order to analyze their activities more easily and to evaluate the results more easily. The ISO 39001 standard guides the work to be carried out to prevent possible accidents, prevent people from bodily harm, and reduce material damage to businesses. At the same time, it provides an accurate evaluation of the results of the studies carried out. ISO 39001 Certificate Basic Principles can be listed as follows:
• Before starting the road, the speed limits to be followed should be determined in line with the traffic density of the road to be followed by the vehicle, the type of vehicle and the weather conditions.
• The route path of the vehicle should be determined depending on the load it is carrying and the type of vehicle.
• The equipment that the driver of the vehicle should use should be determined in accordance with the characteristics of the vehicle.
• In order to ensure driving safety, drivers should not use alcohol, drugs or recreational drugs, and should not be tired at the same time.
According to the ISO 39001 Certificate, the necessary factors for a safe journey planning are listed as follows:
• Does it need to travel?
• Has the right vehicle choice been made to get on the road?
• Is the driver´s license sufficient to drive the vehicle?
• Has the most accurate route been determined for the journey?
• Has the driver´s travel frequency been taken into account?


What Benefits Does ISO 39001 Certificate Provide for Businesses?

The biggest benefit that ISO 39001 Certificate will provide to businesses is the fulfillment of social responsibility. Apart from this, preventing accidents on highways and preventing possible loss of life and property is one of the social responsibilities of a business. At the same time, the traffic and road safety policy and targets to be determined by the enterprises within the scope of the ISO 39001 standard, if these are complied with, bring the business forward in the fight against its competitors.
Compliance with ISO 39001 Certificate standards will bring efficiency to the highest levels by having a more accurate management style.
• It ensures the reduction of death and injuries caused by accidents.
• It reduces the loss of work and workforce.
• It prevents the loss of service and product as a result of an accident.
• It ensures the reduction of costs such as insurance and compensation.
• It causes vehicle efficiency to be provided at the highest level.
• Increases employee satisfaction by reducing stress.
• It enables organizations to renew and improve their image.
• It prevents possible delays in the service performed.

Who Should Get ISO 39001 Certificate?

ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System standards, issued with the aim of preventing traffic accidents and ensuring road and traffic safety, are designed for all private and public sector organizations responsible for traffic safety related to highways and traffic systems. It doesn´t matter if these organizations are big or small. At the same time, the number of personnel they employ and the number of vehicles they use do not matter.
The only thing that matters; In terms of its fields of activity, it is to prevent physical and material losses that may occur in possible traffic accidents by increasing traffic safety.
We can list the organizations that should have this document as follows:
• Institutions performing highway construction and maintenance
• Institutions that make highway design
• Cargo/courier/transport companies
• Fuel transportation and distribution companies
• Organizations whose personnel travel by road
• Road travel companies


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