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ISO 41001:2018 Facility Management Management Systems Standard

ISO 41001:2018 Facility Management Management Systems Standard

Today; We can state that organizations/institutions focus on providing a sustainable and effective workplace while responding to changing technologies and user needs. Facility Management (FM) is important for an effective and sustainable workplace. Facility management can be expressed as one of the fastest growing professional and operational disciplines globally. Because of this situation; organizations need a consistent IP approach across locations, centers and facilities that supports in-house delivery in the global marketplace and provides purchasing teams with a benchmark they can use to measure the competence and maturity of IP service providers. This is where the ISO 41001:2018 Standard comes into play.

This standard is published by ISO. The publication date of the standard is stated as April 2018 on the ISO´s page regarding the standard. In addition, the number of prints is indicated as "1". So it is understood from here that there is no other old edition of this standard. The technical committee that prepared or created the standard is specified as ISO/TC 267. The number of pages of the standard is 45. You can access the standard in English and French and in pdf format from the same page. The standard is reviewed every 5 years. This standard on the ISO page; It is referred to as ISO 41001:2018 Facility Management - Management Systems - User Manual and Requirements (Facility Management - Management Systems - Requirements with guidance for use). In addition, this standard; It is also referred to as ISO 41001 Facility Management System and ISO 41001:2018 Facility Management Management Systems Standard.

Advantages of Obtaining ISO 41001 Certificate and Applying the Clauses / Requirements in This Standard


The ISO 41001 Standard is an international standard for facility management systems. It can be said that it creates a main framework for the establishment, implementation and maintenance of effective facility management across different sectors around the world. The advantages of obtaining ISO 41001 Certificate and applying the clauses/requirements in this standard;

• Contributes to determining the scope of your responsibilities and creating a management structure with appropriate resources to meet the needs of your stakeholders,
• This is a standard that raises the profile of the facilities management profession,
• Offers a systematic approach that requires you to continually review your service delivery and assets,
• It is based on the ISO High Level Structure, which brings a common framework to all management systems,
• Provides common principles, concepts and terms, including performance evaluation and performance measurement, to demonstrate the competence of service providers and reassure users,
items can be listed.

Trainings Regarding ISO 41001:2018 Facility Management Management Systems Standard

Regarding the ISO 41001:2018 Facility Management Management Systems Standard, by private companies; Facility Management System (ISO 41001:2018) – Information Training, ISO 41001 Requirements Training, ISO 41001 Internal Auditor Training and Facility Management System (ISO 41001:2018) – Application Training can be given. The main purpose of the information training can be explained as: to convey the important conditions of the standard to the participants with examples and / or to help the organizations that want to go to the certification stage with independent audits. The purpose of the application training is; It can be explained as giving information about the main and sub-items of the standard to the top and middle level managers of the organizations that plan or start to implement the Facility Management System Standard and those who want to learn about the applications of this standard.

Personnel recommended to attend these trainings; It can be expressed as the top and middle level managers of organizations that provide or receive facility management services and personnel who want to have information about this standard. It may be beneficial for your organization to ensure that relevant personnel attend such trainings before you start implementing the ISO 41001 Standard in your organization or before applying for certification activities related to this standard.

In our country, trainings on standards are also given by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). However, there is no training related to ISO 41001 Standard in TSE´s 2020 Training and Certificate Program document. Organizations that want to receive training from TSE regarding this standard can contact TSE and convey their requests. Having the certificate of ISO 41001 Standard and fulfilling the requirements of this standard within your organization shows that you have a reliable facility management system that aligns with business strategies and is constantly reviewed and improved.

Certification process steps of ISO 41001 Standard;

• Facility management system development,
• Application,
• Commissioning of the first stages,
• Second stage stages,
• Audit report,
• Certification,
can be explained appropriately.

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