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ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy Service

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy Service

Today, ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which has become a necessity in many aspects rather than a choice, is a standard that appeals to every organization, regardless of sector, field of activity or business size. It helps to manage "quality" in the most effective way, which has been defined in many different ways from past to present, and which is to determine customer needs correctly and ensure their satisfaction in the most basic sense.
Like other ISO standards, 9001 is an internationally recognized and well-known regulation. The product or service quality demonstrated by the organizations that set up and run the ISO 9001 system and monitor its performance can comply with internationally valid standards. Since it is a very basic practice for almost every organization, many public or private sector businesses want to receive ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy service.
ISO has a large number of standards that are similar in scope and subject or completely different from each other. ISO 9001; General systems such as ISO 14001, ISO 50001; It is also the basis for many ISO standards developed for specific areas such as ISO 13485, 18901, ISO 22163. In this context, we can say that ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy support is necessary for every organization, regardless of the type of product or service it produces.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy Service and Standard Scope

Beyond obtaining ISO 9001 certificate, ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy support is of great importance in order to understand the quality issue in all its aspects and to perform the quality management in the best way. Because, ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy service is provided by individuals or institutions that have knowledge and experience in this field. Organizations that receive support from a consultant for the ISO 9001 process can put this system into operation in the fastest and most accurate way.
Since ISO 9001 contains many articles, rules and principles in itself; each of these must be properly understood and fully implemented. Therefore, in ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy studies, businesses can have theoretical and practical knowledge about the following items of the standard:

• Scope and Application Area
• Referenced Standards
• Terms and Definitions
• The Context of the Organization: It is the section that contains the necessary information to understand the needs and expectations, which are the most basic issues of ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy service, and to determine the scope of the system and process steps.
• Leadership: This is the part where corporate duties, authorities and responsibilities are explained.
• Planning: How to identify risks and opportunities and how to make necessary plans are explained in this section. Organizations that receive ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy support can learn the planning they need to make in line with quality objectives in the best way.
• Support: Resources that can be used by businesses, documented information, etc. on the management of quality constitute the subject of this section.
• Operation: Product design, control of the products or services supplied, production and presentation stages, and control of nonconforming product or service outputs are detailed in this section.
• Performance Evaluation: One of the most basic competencies acquired by organizations receiving ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy support is the monitoring and evaluation of performance. In this part of the standard, monitoring, measurement, analysis, evaluation, as well as internal audit and management review are addressed.
• Improvement: In this last part of ISO 9001, detection of nonconformities, corrective/preventive actions and improvement steps are mentioned.

Benefits of ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy Service

Businesses that successfully implement ISO 9001 gain many advantages in the short and long term. Not just financially; There are also benefits that cannot be measured with money, such as providing prestige in the market, satisfying and gaining the trust of stakeholders, and having more qualified products and processes. In this context, it can be said that organizations integrated into the quality system by receiving ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy support have the following advantages:
• Customer satisfaction, which is the biggest indicator of an organization´s success, is achieved. While customer complaints decrease, the respect and trust of customers towards the institution increases.
• Time and money are saved with better planning, design, commissioning, implementation, monitoring, analysis and evaluation steps.
• Enterprises with ISO 9001 become more courageous and prepared to operate in new markets.
• When ISO 9001 adopts a proactive methodology, any problems that occur can be resolved in a very short time.
• Information flow within the organization and between units becomes more powerful, fast and efficient.
• Increased due to quality; more knowledgeable.
• Those who do not consider ISO 9001 as a standard for simple document preparation, will be able to take firm steps towards institutionalization.

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