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ISO EN 15593 Food Packaging Certification

ISO EN 15593 Food Packaging Packaging Quality

Packaging and packaging are undoubtedly one of the most important factors in the health of our food consumption. In the news about healthy nutrition, we rarely see developments regarding the processes that pass until the foodstuffs reach the consumer. The packaging of foods and the conditions under which they are stored and delivered to the consumer are as important as organic products.
Although packaging and packaging processes are not given much importance, it appears as a serious process with many consequences in the food industry. Healthy and correct packaging practices are very important for food. Together with the packaging aimed to physically protect the food, it provides protection against impact, pressure, temperature, weather conditions, bacteria and mold. At the same time, protection is provided by packaging against foodstuffs, water, steam, dust and similar situations. In packaging techniques, it is used in moisture desiccant or oxygen absorbers to extend the shelf life of some foodstuffs.
ISO EN 15593 Food Packaging Packaging Quality standard has been developed by the European Standards Committee (CEN) in our country. With this standard, it is a standard that has reached hygiene management and international recognition in the food packaging industry. It is based on the principles of hazard analysis and risk assessment with ISO 15593. The ISO 15593 standard primarily focuses on packaging activities. However, it is observed that it is applied to packaging components and to the suppliers of the packaging companies. In general, food must be produced, packaged, distributed and offered for sale in a way that does not pose a risk in terms of food safety and food health for supplier companies involved in various processes of food production. In these processes, packaging and packaging of foodstuffs with modern methods in terms of hygiene conditions and safe delivery to consumers are of particular importance.
In our country, it has been published by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) with standard specific titles. These,
• TS EN 15593 Packaging (Hygiene management in the production of packaging used for foodstuffs),
• Requirements,
• The standard in question,
• It covers the hygiene management system requirements in production, storage and transportation activities for companies and suppliers that produce food packaging.

The scope of ISO EN 15593 Food Packaging Packaging Quality standard is as follows;

• Scope, referenced standards and documents, terms and definitions
Hygiene management system
Management responsibility
Control of documents
o Feature
Management of nonconformities and incidents
Internal audits
Complaint management
o Supplier approval and monitoring
Monitoring and measuring the product
Human resources
Hazard analysis and risk assessment
• Sources of transmission
Physical contaminants (foreign bodies)
Chemical contaminants
Biological contaminants
Storage and distribution
o Maintenance
Scrap and waste handling
Factory requirements
External fields
o Facilities
• Personnel
Access points and specific routes
Work clothes
Personal items
Toilets and cabinets
Eating, drinking and smoking and medicines
Injuries and diseases

ISO EN 15593 Food Packaging Packaging Quality Benefits

There are major benefits for companies applying the ISO EN 15593 Food Packaging Packaging Quality standard. If we list these earnings in items;
• Operational responsibilities and operational risks are reduced,
• Hygiene management system effectiveness is approved,
• Consumers´ health is protected,
• Food industry expectations are met,
• Confidence in packaging materials of food producing companies increases,
• The efficiency of the shaft increases,
• An advantage over competitors is gained.

With the ISO EN 15593 Food Packaging Packaging Quality standard, hygiene management is provided in matters such as the packaging of foodstuffs and the production of the packaging used. Producers on the food chain are gathered under a certain standard on food safety and health. With the awareness of consumers and the development of their needs, sensitivity on food safety is increasing worldwide. As such, the standards in the field of food safety have started to be acquired more by companies. With the ISO EN 15593 Food Packaging Packaging Quality standard, you can eliminate the question marks in the packaging and packaging quality of your company and maximize your productivity. It would not be wrong to say that ISO 15593 is a great obligation for companies in a world where the importance of packaging materials in terms of food safety is increasing day by day.


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