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Kosher (Kosher) Certificate

What is Kosher Certificate?

Kosher is a word that means "convenient, clean" in Hebrew, and this word is called "Kosher" in English. Kosher Certificate (Kosher Certificate), which is a common document that you can see in the places where Jews (Jews) live; It is a document showing whether the products (especially food) are produced in accordance with the Jewish belief. In other words; Jewish clergymen (rabbi), relevant material of the company concerned; The document they give is called Kosher Certificate if it is in compliance with the Jewish belief by controlling all stages from production to consumer. These processes include the stages from the beginning of the production of the material to the consumer and the inspection of the equipment (equipment) and materials used in these stages.
In addition, the issue of health compliance (hygiene) is among the subjects that are audited when issuing the Kosher Certificate. This document is issued by the authorized institutions as a result of the inspections of the rabbis appointed by the authorized institutions. Kosher Certificate is a document similar to the Halal Certificate used by Muslims in terms of its purpose and application methods. The inspections made while issuing the Kosher Certificate are based on Kashrut or Kashrut rules. The source of these rules is the Torah, the holy book of the Jews. The list of companies that issue worldwide Kosher Certificate is updated and published every month by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.
Companies that are entitled to receive a Kosher Certificate can affix a Kosher Label with international symbols and expressions on their products. One of the symbols included in the Kosher label is the Hexagram (hexagram), which is the symbol of Judaism and consists of two overlapping triangles, also known as the Star of David. Thanks to Kosher Certification activities, Jews living outside of their homeland can safely buy products from brands they do not know or do not know enough, provided they have a Kosher Certificate. Although the products with the Kosher Label can be expensive compared to other products, this price difference is ignored by many religious members.

Advantages of Getting Kosher Certificate

The advantages of obtaining a Kosher Certificate can be explained with the following items;
• The expansion of the market of the certified product (Because the Kosher document is a document that is sought or cared about not only by Jews but also by some other religious members such as Hindus and Muslims.),
• Increasing the trust and prestige of the certification company,
• Easier to enter the markets of other countries with the Kosher Certificate valid worldwide,
• Also preferred by vegetarians and vegans,
• Being preferred by customers looking for organic and healthy products,
• Being preferred by customers with allergies,
• Being preferred by customers with special health problems.
Kosher Certificate Issuance Process
If a company wishing to obtain a Kosher Certificate knows the following steps and makes preparations within this scope, it can overcome the process of obtaining the certificate faster and without any problems. The process steps in the process of issuing a Kosher certificate are explained in the following items;
• Application is made to the authorized institution that issues the Kosher Certificate (Online application or directly face to face application),
• The forms given by the authorized institution are filled and the required documents are submitted to the authorized institution in the desired format (such as PDF or DOC),
• The authorized institution examines the documents it has received and if there is no deficiency, it makes a price offer to the relevant company,
• In case of an agreement on the price, the authorized institution informs the relevant firm on what date it will come for the audits,
• The authorized institution conducts inspections on the date specified,
• As a result of the inspections, if there are any deficiencies, it is stated that they should be corrected. If there is not any or missing issues are corrected, Kosher Certificate is given to the relevant company by the authorized institution.

Validity Period of Kosher Certificate

It is stated that the validity period of the Kosher Certificate varies according to the product purchased. However, it can be said that Kosher certificates are generally valid for one year. When the certificate loses its validity, re-audits are made by the authorized institution and the certificate is renewed. Inspections can be made once or several times a year, depending on the characteristics of the Kosher Certificate.

How did the Documentation Need arise with Kosher Certificate?

In an increasingly globalized or, in other words, shrinking world, it becomes easier to go from one place to another, and it becomes easier to live outside our homeland thanks to the ease of meeting our common needs. So just as a person in China can use a gas stove for cooking or a shower for cleaning, people in most countries of the world can use similar appliances or devices. Human life, which has become more similar in recent centuries (for example, wearing suits, driving cars, shopping at the grocery store) makes it more possible for people to live outside of their homeland. With the effect of this, the number of people living far from their homeland may be higher in some countries than before.
Even if many things in human life change easily, it is a bit more difficult to change religious beliefs and behaviors in accordance with these beliefs. Here, we can explain the reason for the Kosher Certificate to be created as ensuring that people living outside of their homeland do not suffer from religious problems. Thanks to this certification activity, Jews living outside of their homeland can find products that meet the requirements of their religious beliefs more easily.

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