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Kvkk Compliance Consultancy Firm

We are at the service of those who are looking for a Kvkk Compliance Consultancy Firm. We know that all companies in Turkey are on the agenda as of 2016 and many businesses turn to KVKK consultancy against data theft. As Aşan Consulting, we provide consultancy services, analysis and support of business processes, data management information, data security and IT trainings, consultancy services and trainings on the compliance of your organizations with KVKK within the scope of KVKK. We support all companies operating within the borders of our country, with a quality service approach, to analyze the situation, to eliminate the deficiencies, to ensure the adaptation processes and compliance processes of the companies. With the expert trainers of Aşan Danışmanlık, all the steps you need to take in the process will be conveyed to you in detail and KVKK compliance reports will be presented to you.


Within the scope of the law, Aşan Danışmanlık supports you in the appointment of data controllers by registering the verbis system. With the trainings and consultations you will receive from our experts, we support the preparation of personal data inventory, the realization of awareness trainings and the preparation of lighting texts and policies. We also provide services in matters such as registering data controllers related to KVKK, preparing clear consent texts and organizing data, creating and documenting systems, physical security measures, and audits.

We can provide KVKK consultancy service in all cities of our country. In order to get answers to all your questions, you can make an instant call with the Aşan Live Support line on our website.


The processing of personal data can have many purposes. If we take a look at the most common ones, the execution of the contract processes, the realization of the activities in the sales of the online sales companies, the provision of after-sales support services, the execution of the activities in accordance with all legislation, the execution of the finance and accounting transactions, the tracking and correct execution of the legal transactions, the storage & archive activities, investment-related process management, etc. required for many reasons.

Aşan Danışmanlık trainers do the right SITUATION ANALYSIS for you. After the personal data inventory review, process review, steps will be taken to make your company suitable for the process, and training on data security will be delivered after the harmonization studies. You can get information and support from our company for compliance in business organizations.

Get the most suitable offers from Aşan Danışmanlık within the scope of KVKK consultancy service. For details, information and answers to questions, call us immediately from the phone numbers on our contact page.

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