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LFGB Food Grade Test

LFGB Food Grade Test
The increase in safety awareness and expectations regarding the materials used while cooking, preparing and consuming food has brought the LFGB Food Grade Test application to the agenda.
Compliance with LFGB Standards for Safer Contact Products
LFGB food contact class testing services are equipped to perform analyzes on a wide range of materials and based on LFGB standards. There is an accreditation program in order to prioritize safety and to encourage trust with expert LFGB analysis.
Regulators and consumers respond similarly to this new information as research expands our knowledge about chemicals and their effects on our lives. It monitors changes and provides LFGB analysis in line with current transition limits and item lists.
Proving your compliance with LFGB standards not only opens up markets and increases customer confidence. It is also a sign of your commitment to producing products that are safe for humans and the environment. LFGB Food Grade Test allows you to increase trust in your brand and prioritize safety.
EC 76/769 / EEC and EC 1935/2004 LFGB Food Grade Test
We base our analysis of articles and materials in contact with foodstuffs on two framework directives. EC 1935/2004 defines basic document and test requirements, and EC 76/769 / EEC outlines restrictions on the marketing and use of certain dangerous substances.
Comprehensive chemical and transition level test preparation
Positive lists of permitted substances
• Special conditions for the use of these substances
Basic rules for checking compliance
General migration limit of ingredients to foodstuffs or foodstuffs
• Specific migration limits of certain ingredients to foodstuffs or foodstuffs
Comprehensive food contact material testing to improve health and safety
Accredited testing laboratories go beyond basic testing and compliance certification services. Tailor-made testing programs are offered for all materials, extending the scope of food contact testing. Strong technical support is provided for customers and advice on failed tests whenever possible. You can also contact expert officials for more detailed information about EC 76/769 / EEC and EC 1935/2004, and follow updates on product regulations regularly.
Proven Product Safety Standards with LFGB Food Grade Testing and Certification
Products and materials used in mass production facilities, restaurants and home kitchens, in the preparation, packaging, service or storage of food must comply with general safety regulations. Polyamide (PA) heat-resistant plastics, metals or coatings used to manufacture or process food contact products must be tested to ensure regulatory compliance and protect human health. To successfully access different global markets, documentation is needed to verify your products´ compliance with changing requirements.
As a world-leading provider of testing services, we conduct food contact material (FCM) safety testing in state-of-the-art laboratories. Our services are tailored to legal requirements specific to your product and your personal situation. Comprehensive food contact services support companies in strategic efforts to ensure compliance and strengthen market competitiveness.
LFGB Food Grade Testing services certify your adherence to legal and optional requirements according to established regulations and standards. Food contact certification proves your commitment to corporate excellence and increases consumer confidence in the quality and safety of your products. Our renowned neutral inspection seal gives you a lucrative advantage in competitive world markets.
Material and Product Testing for Food Contact Certificate
We offer a wide range of food contact testing services to prove that your product meets the relevant FCM legal requirements. We offer expert analyzes for chemicals and additives commonly used in food contact materials. Our experts work in accredited laboratories to provide comprehensive testing including but not limited to:
1. General and specific migration of monomers, additives and heavy metals found in plastic materials
2. Volatile organic compounds found in silicones
3.Metal material composition
Our comprehensive services include legal research and technical assessment and compliance testing required by the countries in which you do business.
We offer you complementary services to enhance your consumer health protection efforts and demonstrate the quality and safety of your food contact products. LFGB Food Grade Test and certification, as well as service and accreditation.
Special Test Programs for International Buyers
Strong technical support for customer inquiries
Continuous expansion of the global scope of our FCM testing services
Technical advice regarding unsuccessful test results whenever possible
Seminars and training
Declaration of Conformity (DoC) services
• Unintentional substance (NIAS) screening
 Good manufacturing practice (GMP) audit