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Management Systems Consulting

As Aşan Certification and Consultancy, all management systems required to institutionalize your company (ISO 9001-ISO 14001-ISO 45001-ISO 10002 -CE- GMP- GHP- GDP- ISO 22000- ISO 27001- ISO 50001- ISO 31000- ISO 28000- ISO 20000- ISO 15593- ISO 18788- ISO 22301 etc.) We provide Certification and Consultancy Services.

In order to make your company´s success in the sector and its fields of activity permanent, you need to meet the expectations of both the personnel within the company and the customers of your company. In order to meet all expectations, you can obtain the "Management Systems Consulting" service, which is within the scope of worldwide accepted consultancy services, and you can ensure that your expectations & needs are met more quickly and effectively. With the advancement of the global technology age, competitive environments are developing day by day, and we know that the risks of companies arise together in an increasingly competitive environment. When you receive consultancy service in this field from Aşan Danışmanlık, you know the risks and opportunities and you can enable your company to turn risks into opportunities with a quality approach.

Wherever you are in Turkey! As Aşan Consulting, we deliver our activities within the scope of all the certification and consultancy services you need.

Management Systems Consulting

Integration with management systems is considered an important corporate move for all businesses, large or small. Management systems consultancy should be evaluated from a very broad perspective. Apart from general quality management systems, it is also possible to talk about special, sectoral management systems. Depending on the developments in the sectors, these systems update themselves dynamically. Although ISO 9001 comes to mind first when it comes to management systems consultancy, it is possible to diversify these systems.

In today´s world, where the competitive environment is intensified and taking place in the international market becomes important, businesses that adapt to their management systems are able to take an important step. Today, it can be said that expectations from organizations have increased in every sense. Expectations are not limited to the quality of the product or service. Now, respect for people, environment, nature or occupational safety is among the primary expectations of the target audience.
In a way, fulfilling its social responsibilities is considered as a part of its quality. Here, management systems consultancy offers you support exactly at the point of how to respond to these expectations.

There are management systems services for all sectors operating in any sector within the borders of Turkey, producing any product, performing maintenance, product assembly, selling products, providing services, etc. This service is among the most demanded and needed for companies to improve their methods of doing business and other areas and to continue their activities more efficiently. The first management system that is fundamentally needed within the company should be ISO 9001. ISO 9001 is the most preferred Quality Management System standard in the world and used by the company. In order for your company to comply with all standards in a short time, we manage its transactions and help you at every step.

Benefits of Management Systems

Today, the scope of management systems has started to expand and more importantly, it has been understood more clearly how critical it is for businesses. Management systems consulting generally provides you with the following types of benefits:

• It enables businesses to be managed much more efficiently and accurately from an institutional point of view.
• It is ensured that the working personnel are somehow shared with the quality. Actions are taken to reinforce the sense of belonging.
• It is ensured that the losses focused on the lack of qualifications are reduced.
• Actions are taken in the name of permanent improvement and it becomes possible to get the result in the short and medium term.
• Stability is ensured for product or service quality. Service and product quality is ensured on a permanent basis, not on a periodic basis.
• Organizations´ internal communications increase.
• An increase in competitiveness takes place.
• A great sense of trust arises in customers. This is directly reflected in the demand for the product or service.

Aşan Danışmanlık, based in Istanbul, reaches you within the scope of all its fields of activity. In particular, you can get services related to management systems consultancy, the content of which you examine, in all areas of ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 10002, ISO 27001 and on our website. We are with all those who are newly established or who have been in the sector for many years and want to adapt to a quality management approach by special experts. We can offer you all kinds of services with our experienced and experienced consultants in the field of management systems. we are eating.

Important Integrated Management Systems

As we mentioned above, ISO 9001 is the leading integrated management system. Information technology management system, information security management system and environmental management system are also accepted among important integrated management systems.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO is the abbreviation of International Organization for Standardization. It is possible to translate into Turkish as "International Standards Organization". Founded in 1947, ISO has succeeded in finding a response in 135 countries.
One of the most important functions of ISO as of today is the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. This standard avoids some technical barriers to trade. Thanks to ISO 9001, organizations respond strongly to their quality needs and, more importantly, ensure continuity in this regard.
ISO 9001 Quality Management System is a universally recognized standard. It plays a very active role in solving problems quickly and using resources efficiently. Various problems arising from product liability are easily resolved in this process. It is a basic management system that can be applied in many areas from tourism to finance, from insurance to service sector.
environmental management system
Another system that attracts attention within the scope of Management Systems Consultancy is the environmental management system. This system (ISO 14001) makes the work of companies that have other quality management systems much easier. An environmental management system is a must for organizations that want to become a visionary company.
Environmental management systems consultancy offers you very important and tangible corporate benefits. Some of these advantages are as follows:

• Analyzing the areas that will decrease the consumption process of energy or other resources, providing economic gain through the correct use of resources,
• Reduction of risks and responsibilities,
• Prevention of pollution,
• Making a positive contribution to the development of society,
• Increasing competitiveness in tenders,
• Responsible behavior towards environmental laws.

Among other management systems; It is possible to talk about options such as Information Security Management Systems, Information Technology Service Management Systems, Food Safety Management System. You can contact Aşan Danışmanlık about Management Systems Consulting, which is an important requirement of institutionalism, and you can get support from the company´s expert employees.


You can benefit from many services by getting management systems consultancy service from our company. In addition to examining the current values ??of your company and reporting it to you in detail, the aims and objectives of the company´s management will be reviewed and reconstructed, thereby expanding its market share. If your corporate structure does not have management systems, it will be ensured that all necessary documents are prepared for the establishment and continuity.

With a successful internal control and audit systems, you can be one step ahead of your competitors.

Aşan Danışmanlık provides analysis for all kinds of activities needed, making measurements, analyzing the results of the measurements and guiding the company officials in the management part. We support you with our experienced consultants in all your certification processes.

For detailed information and best offers about our "Management Systems Consulting" title you are reviewing, contact us at the numbers on our contact page.