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Mask Control Test

Mask Control Test

It is a protection element that helps to protect the mouth and nose area during the medical operation against infection and splashes, changes its structure to be cloth, fabric or leather and is worn on the face. A face mask can be used to prevent the spread of infection and to prevent catching airborne infectious microbes. Due to the epidemic that has been on the agenda in the world recently, it has been necessary to wear masks in public and crowded places, public transportation vehicles and shopping centers. In this direction, masks function as a physical barrier to protect the person using and other people from viral and bacterial particles. For this reason, mask control tests have gained importance.
Mask control tests play an important role in determining the requirements in terms of providing performance values ??for the conditions under which masks will be used. The tests are carried out in laboratories and it is necessary to pay attention to the accreditation of laboratories. Masks may have different names as a result of the mask control test performed according to many variables. One of them is the surgical mask.

What is a Surgical Mask?

Surgical face masks produced for medical purposes are also known as medical masks. These masks are designed for use in operating rooms, medical environments and environments where different activities with similar requirements are performed. There are many special mask control test standards and test criteria in line with these standards for surgical masks according to their usage areas.

Surgical Mask Test

Mask control tests applied in such masks are applied to the finished product or a part taken from the final product. As a result, the mask control tests performed on the raw material determine the usability and suitability of the mask.
The efficiency level provided by a medical mask depends on factors such as filtration efficiency, the quality of the material and the fit of the mask on the user´s face. It should not be disintegrated, split or torn during use and care should be taken with the filters to be used in its construction. Mask control tests of surgical masks designed for medical purposes should be performed in appropriate mask testing laboratories. The most important standard to be considered when designing surgical masks is the EN 14683 standard. This standard defines two different surgical masks. Medical face masks, defined as Type I, are used in patients to reduce the risk of infection, especially in epidemic and pandemic situations. So-called Type II masks are primarily used by healthcare professionals in operating theaters or medical settings with similar requirements. Mask control tests applied to surgical masks:
• The Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) test
• Differential Pressure (Breathability) Test
• Microbiological Cleaning Test
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In addition, these masks also require biocompatibility in the mask control test.
Cytotoxicity test
• Sensitization test
• Irritation Test
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In the current period, the demand for masks that came with the epidemic has increased at a high rate. The use of surgical masks and respiratory protective masks where mask control tests are applied has become visible in all areas.

What is a Respiratory Protective Mask?
They are masks that are designed to create tightness and fit tightly to the face. It provides two-way protection by filtering both air inlet and outlet. It is designed to protect the wearer. There are varieties that cover half the face or the whole face.
Protective masks, which protect the user against dangerous air breathing, are designed to filter particles in the air. The conditions to be complied with are determined by the environment and the market for its use. It is subjected to various mask control tests. This mask is also named differently depending on the need and use as a result of control tests.

As a result, one of the most critical points and steps performed during the conformity assessment of the masks is the mask control tests. Determining which performance meets its values ??will give appropriate results in terms of the usability of the masks. It is essential to apply a mask control test to ensure that the basic needs required from the mask are met. Mask control tests applied in mask test laboratories are sensitive to errors that may occur more than once and are carried out within control. Mask control tests are tests that give precise results for face masks designed for all kinds of use to meet the needs and requirements.