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Medical Device and Interaction for Medical Staff

Medical Device and Interaction for Medical Staff

Professionals working in the field of health grow up with the focus of "diagnosis and life" in the institutions where they complete their education and training. This is the diagnosis and does not happen. The only thing missing are medical devices. Suitable for medical use, the conditions of use that can be applied to health should be considered.

Usage and insights as all medical device manufacturers of today. These guides are somewhat of a poor technique.


This training is the least kitchenette that will reveal the risks of using our medical health;

1-Medical device definitions
2-Who is the Manufacturer/Importer/Distributor? Their loads?
3-What is the Medical Device Registration System?
4-What is Medical Device Vigilance?
5-What is Clinical Evaluation?
6-EC Certificate and Declaration of Conformity
8- GS1 Barcode / UDI / GMDN / UNSPC… and traceability
9- Use of accessories and consumables
10- Maintenance, cleaning, calibration, adjustment etc.
11- Medical malpractice and trainee insurances

It will be something that will minimize what they will verify their medical sales. This will happen in the future regarding the patient, and then a numeral status situation, the event above becomes positive in better condition.


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