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Medical Label Preparation

Medical Label Preparation
Medical ; medical care can be defined as all the applications for the protection and improvement of health and the equipment used in these applications. In other words, it represents all the applications made to understand and protect the health problems of people on a medical basis.

Medical labels are the labels that are widely used in this sector. Labels used in the medical sector; coated labels, opaque labels and thermal labels. We can think of labels as a simple requirement, but it has a great importance in the medical sector. The color of medical and health labels varies according to their importance and place of use. These labels can be used in all areas of the medical world.


Label Preparation System

Regulation on Classification, Labeling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures (SEA Regulation) is the new legislation on classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures. It entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette dated 11/12/2013 and numbered 28848. It has been made directly applicable for those who manufacture, import or use chemical substances and mixtures.

This regulation came into force by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. It is obligatory to have at least some information on the packaging for each product put on the market. It is included in the content of .


The most important thing to consider when preparing a label for a product is that the "Product Label" and "Product Safety Data Sheet" documents are in harmony with each other. The Product Label must meet the requirements specified in the Regulation at a minimum level. According to the regulation, the Product Label dimensions vary in proportion to the packaging size of the product. It is a legal requirement that the product supplier labels be in the language of the relevant country. You need to prepare accordingly.

The services we offer in this context;

Preparation of Product Safety Data Sheet,

To determine the label requirements in accordance with the "SEA Regulation" numbered 28848,

Preparation of the Product Label,


General Labeling Rules

There are rules regarding the content and application of the label.

Labels must be firmly fixed on one or more surfaces of the package containing the substance or mixture, and be readable horizontally if the package is placed normally. SEA Article 33(1). Label elements, in particular hazard signs (pictograms), must be clearly conspicuous from the background. In addition, all label elements must be in a size and spacing to ensure easy reading. A physical (separate) label is not required if the label elements are clearly displayed on the package. SEA Article 33 (5).


Hazard Label Elements

A substance or mixture that we have classified as hazardous must bear a label that contains the following elements:

Supplier´s name, address and phone number

The nominal amount of the substance or mixture in the package that we offer to the public, unless the quantity on the package is specified elsewhere;

Identity of the substance or mixture

Hazard signs

warning words

Hazard statements

precautionary statements

Additional information section.

These rules apply to all labeling operations.


Labels of harmful substances and mixtures in Turkey are written in Turkish. Additional languages ??can be used, but all languages ??must have the same information.


Hazard pictograms

Our word of warning here is Danger.

The 5 hazard statements shown above are explained as follows:

Toxic if swallowed or inhaled.

May cause severe skin burns or eye damage.

It is harmful to the environment.

May cause allergy and asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled.

As a result, the label preparation system is created in the light of all the issues we mentioned and the information in the regulation.


What Are Our Major Label Preparation Services?

 - Determination of labeling and packaging scope in accordance with the SEA Regulation,

 - Compliance with general labeling rules,

 - SEA hazard label elements calculation,

 - Regulation of the information on the SEA hazard label,

 - Supplier information, product IDs, hazard signs, precautionary statements and codes,

 - Size regulation of labels and label elements,

 - Identification of exceptions in cases where the contents are not more than 125 ml,

 - Compliance with SEA rules in packaging of substances and mixtures,

Some of the label types we make for the Medical Sector are:

 - Medication Labels

 - Serum Labels

 - Hygiene Product Labels

 - Centrifuge, Eppendorf and PCR labels

 - Infusion label

 - Liquid Nitrogen labels

 - Mineral Oil and Chemistry al barrel signs.

We have many different product designs such as lubrication and chemical barrel labels. According to the legal regulation, chemical labels must be multi-colored and forced dyeing. These labels, which are used for oil, are produced in different wires and strips with polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) material in appearance, in the design of the outer appearance, in case of case.

As the product label; We provide product service for your product features in various sizes and features. +80ºC adhesive labels can be used for drums filled with high temperature.


Logo design

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Your logo is likely to be large for many years in many places, its variety and size suitable for techniques and color may be a suitable job for techniques. guessing in many designs. This design is the graphical drawing that is aimed when designing the logo. Do not make vector drawings, b does not consist of any problem for the target logo and does not examine it.

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And finally, the most important point to focus on while designing a logo; The originality of the logo. This is how we see ourselves very well.