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MSC Certificate

MSC Certificate


MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is an international, non-profit organization. The organization, which aims to protect the oceans and future seafood, documents the work of businesses operating in this field. MSC´s mission includes the following goals and objectives:

• Recognizing and rewarding sustainable fishing practices.
• To enable people to make the right choices when purchasing seafood.
• Contribute to the health of the world´s oceans through ecolabel and fisheries certification programs by working with stakeholders to put the seafood market on a sustainable footing.
    Businesses that carry out all kinds of activities related to fishing can certify their work by obtaining an MSC certificate. The main purpose of giving MSC certificate to enterprises is to support sustainable fishing activities.

What is Sustainable Fishing?

Sustainable fishing, one of the most important issues covered by the MSC Document, is to ensure that enough fish remain in the ocean, respect habitats and support the livelihoods of people who depend on fishing. The sustainability of a fishing activity can be evaluated regardless of its size, geography or fishing method used. The standards developed by MSC in this context consist of scientific-based methods used to measure this sustainability. Three main criteria are taken into account when issuing an MSC certificate to a business:

1. Sustainable fish stocks: Fishing must be able to continue indefinitely and at a level to ensure that the fish population remains productive and healthy.
2. Minimizing environmental impact: Fishing activities must be carefully managed to keep other species and habitats in the ecosystem healthy
3. Effective fisheries management: Businesses holding the MSC Certificate must comply with the relevant laws and be able to adapt to changing environmental conditions.
    Sustainability of fishing activities is a very dynamic process and every fishing activity certified with the MSC certificate is regularly re-evaluated. After these evaluations, many businesses need to make various improvements in their fishing activities. Developing scientific methods and technological applications are used to develop new ways to protect marine resources for future generations.

MSC Certificate Scope

It is possible to talk about three different MSC Documents as there are three different standards developed by MSC. We can list these standards as follows:

1. MSC Fisheries Standard: Used to assess whether a fishery is well managed and sustainable. The standard reflects the most current state of internationally recognized fisheries science and management. MSC continually reviews and improves this standard in consultation with scientists, the fishing industry and conservation groups.
2. MSC Chain of Custody Standard: A fish or any seafood product goes through many stages in its long journey from ocean to plate. This supply chain is quite complex. An MSC document issued in this context ensures that sustainable fishing products are traceable and differentiated from non-certified products. There are five principles that every company must meet in order to obtain this MSC Certificate:

• Certified supply: Companies should purchase a certified product from a certified supplier.
• Identifiable: Certified products must be clearly identifiable.
• Certified products should be separated from non-certified products.
• Traceable and recordable: Certified products should be traceable and their volume should be recorded.
• Good management: Companies should have a management system that meets the requirements of the standard.

3. ASC – MSC Seaweed Standard: This standard is a joint standard put forward by ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) and MSC to ensure an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible seaweed production. Businesses, whose scope of activity includes seaweed products, can take this standard as a basis when they want to obtain an MSC certificate. This standard also has the following performance criteria:

• Sustainable wild populations
• Environmental effects
• Effective management
•    Social responsibility
• Community relationships and interactions

Why is MSC Certificate Required?

To work with FishingC, it can be sorted like this:

• The oceans need a care.
• Marine ecosystems are predominantly in the main study area.
• MSC provides services related to manageable solutions.
• All activities of MSC on a foundation.
• The products that MSC sells are always in higher demand.
• In every product certified with MS, the process and the human are educators.
• MSC has options for every budget.
• Certification is a production for productions, retailers and restaurants for the production and sale of revised seafood.
• A solution is possible at MSC for all types of sea den.

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