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Msds Preparatıon Servıce

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS - Material Safety Datasheet), technical information about chemicals; It is a document that includes dangers, risks and precautions to be taken against them. Today, it is a legal obligation to prepare these documents, which are also known as the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), for chemicals. Some companies provide MSDS preparation service regarding this document, which is essential to protect human, animal and environmental health.
The MSDS must be prepared in the language in which the chemical substance or mixture is used. It is required to be in a certain format and to contain the necessary information in an accurate, clear and understandable manner. Since it directly endangers human health in case of a false information or an insufficiently understood statement, many manufacturers minimize such risks by taking MSDS preparation services.

Legal Requirement of Preparing MSDS
Preparation of MSDS in our country has become legally compulsory with a regulation issued on 13 December 2014. Details about these forms are included in the "Regulation on Safety Data Sheets Regarding Hazardous Substances and Mixtures" published in the Official Gazette numbered 29204 by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. In this context, when taking MSDS preparation service, attention should be paid to include the following information in the relevant form:
Identity of the substance / mixture and company / distributor
Hazard identification
• Composition / information on ingredients
First aid measures
• Firefighting measures
• Accidental release measures
• Handling and storage
• Exposure controls / personal protection
Physical and chemical properties
Stability and reactivity
Toxicological information
Ecological information
• Disposal information
Transport information
• Legislation information,
•    Other informations

Why is MSDS Preparation Service Important?
MSDS or SDS, marketed; It ensures that all kinds of chemicals that have harmful effects on human and animal health and the environment are effectively controlled and monitored. MSDS preparation service, which requires both technical and legislative knowledge, should be obtained only from people and institutions who are experts in this field. In addition, if the properties of the substance in question have changed or are expected to change over time, the MSDS should also be revised. For this reason, the prepared forms should be followed after the MSDS preparation service is received.
Although the manufacturer or supplier companies have technical knowledge about chemicals, MSDS preparation requires separate experience. Many organizations that provide training and consultancy services take care that their experts who provide MSDS preparation services are accredited by TÜRKAK and certified by TSE. Therefore, every company that has to prepare MSDS should get support from these experts.

MSDS Preparation Service Stages
In summary, the following stages are followed within the scope of this service:
• Classification of the relevant chemical according to the Turkish-SEA regulation and other regulations in the legislation.
• Labeling again in accordance with these regulations
• Preparation of information about the transportation of the product in accordance with national and international norms
• Making classification and labeling notifications to the necessary organizations
• Registration, verification and fulfillment of other legal requirements of the product for which MSDS preparation service is provided
• If a product supplied from abroad has an MSDS and it is prepared in a foreign language, it should be translated into Turkish.
• If MSDS preparation service will be provided for a product sold abroad, preparing the form in the language of the relevant country.
• Making analyzes and evaluations showing how harmful the product is and indicating it in the form.
• If a test is required on the product, determining these tests and test standards and submitting them to the manufacturer / supplier company as recommendation.
Each country has a different regulation for preparing MSDS. Therefore, the local laws and regulations of the relevant country should be consulted when receiving this type of service.

MSDS Preparation Service Training and Consultancy
Since the preparation of MSDS is a legal obligation, systematic solutions have been tried to come up with this issue especially in recent years. Companies with expertise in areas such as certification, certification, testing, verification, etc. can provide consultancy services on the preparation of MSDS. In addition, many institutions organize MSDS preparation service trainings. These trainings can be organized by consultancy firms as well as by TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) in certain periods.
These trainings can only be certified trainings with a certificate of success, with an examination at the end. In some trainings, experience is also required from the participants.
According to the current regulation, the preparer of MSDS / Safety Data Sheet must have received the necessary training and documented.