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NSF Certificate

NSF Certificate
As can be accepted, water has an extremely vital role for living things. The maintenance of cell and tissue structure is highly dependent on the presence of water. In a sense, water is the focal point of our lives and it is the essence of life. Unfortunately, the quality of the water is considerably reduced due to installation waste, chlorination processes, irregular pipe maintenance or other reasons. For this reason, it has become almost impossible to drink water from the tap.
Water purification devices, which were considered very luxurious in the past, have now started to be used in almost every home. Both being economical and making a serious difference in terms of health made water purification devices indispensable. There is more need for filtering systems at the point of preserving the water resources in nature.
The World Health Organization has brought certain standards to this issue with the NSF Certificate. The purpose of the certificate is to make an official contribution to the process of providing clean, quality and most importantly, healthy water. In this sense, the NSF Certificate should be considered as an important reference in terms of public health.

General Information About NSF
Firms that sell or manufacture water purification devices, and sell materials such as tanks, taps, filters, are obliged to obtain NSF Certificate. This situation also makes consumers more conscious. Whether the producers have the relevant certificates is now audited by a wider audience.
NSF was originally created in the United States in 1994. Setting food and beverage safety to a certain standard is one of the most important duties of NSF. NSF has 75 separate offices all over the world. Strengthened by its local partners, NSF owes its success to this situation. Currently, the formation has 2150 professional employees. As of today, there are 590 global water purification devices certified. More than 10 thousand products have been produced in accordance with the standards. This situation seriously reflects NSF´s worldwide reputation and activities.

Why NSF Matters
The data of the World Health Organization reveal the situation of water consumption and water health issues. Currently, approximately 50% of the people living in cities around the world are directly affected by various diseases as they have difficulty in accessing healthy drinking water. In this respect, NSF makes a commitment to protect public health at a universal level. NSF certificate is extremely important for consumers.
The existence of this document means that chemicals are cleaned, healthy water is provided, and bad odor or taste is removed. Producers holding this certificate are obliged to guarantee chlorine-free water. It has successfully passed certain inspections and stages and has been awarded the certificate. Since the area in question is a fundamental issue that concerns everyone, such as water, the inspections are carried out more precisely.
All parts or raw materials used in water purification devices produced by companies registered by NSF do not threaten human health. When purchasing a water purifier, it is important to research various issues and to have information about the company. Prioritizing the NSF certification among these criteria will give you a great relief. Because this document presents a protocol that is largely in favor of consumers.

NSF Audits
NSF is basically an abbreviation for National Sanitation Foundaditon. It is possible to translate this into our language as the National Hygiene Foundation. National Sanitation Foundaditon not only sets the standards for water but also the environment, food or consumer products in terms of health and hygiene. As an independent and competent authority, NSF is highly respected around the world. Therefore, getting a certificate from the relevant institution brings a serious advantage and prestige to the producers in the market.
NSF conducts audits on many different issues and as a result of these audits, it ensures that the companies act correctly regarding public health. You can see all the certificates related to other products on NSF´s official website. NSF sets standards not only for the safety of water treatment devices, but also for their performance status.
The inspections do not only cover household water treatment devices, but also apply to industrial water treatment devices. NSF is an organization specialized in field inspections. It bases its principles on concepts such as universal ethics, honesty and justice.