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Occupational Health And Safety Consultancy

Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy
The recent large-scale occupational accidents remind once again how important occupational safety and health is. Unfortunately, death or serious injuries can occur at the end of work accidents. Despite this, it has not yet been able to fully raise awareness in the society on occupational health and safety. Workplaces need to act more seriously and in a more planned manner.
It can be said that this concept, which appears as OHS, is an application focused on protecting employees. Today, OHS, which is among the indispensables of corporate principles, should find a place in its wide-ranging form. Law or various regulations today also support this important initiative. Institutions that do not take the necessary actions on occupational health and safety on time can see the negative consequences of this in material and moral terms.
About Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational safety and health basically refers to all kinds of measures taken to ensure the safety of employees and to support their work in healthy or safe conditions. Although the human burden is reduced with the developing technology, consulting on occupational health and safety is an issue that should not be missed. All kinds of precautions and measures taken in this field protect the employees working in the workplaces from various dangers and possible accidents. All actions taken and all methods applied in order to provide a safe and peaceful working environment are evaluated within the scope of occupational health and safety.
Most Accidents Can Be Prevented
Studies conducted today show the fact that around 98% of occupational accidents were preventable. Of course, these measures must be carried out in a specific organization, with a specific team. It is important for workplaces to handle the OHS issue as a separate department. This is particularly evident in jobs where hundreds of employees unite under the same roof.

All this teamwork is called risk assessment studies. Thanks to occupational health and safety consultancy, it is possible to carry out all these processes in a professional framework. In this context, it will be sufficient to contact us in order to benefit from the professional staff of Aşan Danışmanlık. Aşan Danışmanlık will provide you with the necessary support on IGS and ensure that the necessary regulations are established.

Training of the personnel is also a very important point in the OSH process. In accordance with the regulation, informing the personnel by expert trainers and establishing a comprehensive training program will create efficient results. It should not be forgotten that this is a legal requirement. This detail is clearly included in the Education Regulation. These trainings can be life-saving, especially in jobs where the potential for danger is very high.

Administrative Fines Possible
The most important point in the occupational health and safety process is considered to be the comprehensive information of individuals. At this point, it is necessary to draw attention to companies located in large industrial zones. Firms should come together with safety and occupational health experts. Physical conditions or environmental conditions in the workplace also reveal another dimension of OHS.
Employers have a very serious duty, especially in the prevention of the diseases that the personnel are exposed to during the work. As it is known, some diseases are classified as occupational diseases and only people who are engaged in that job are exposed to these diseases. The presence of workplace physicians, health personnel and occupational safety specialists are among the necessary measures in this sense.
Businesses that fulfill their responsibilities regarding occupational health and safety incompletely face fines according to the occupational health and safety regulation numbered 6331. Working with professionals maximizes occupational safety and health. With the professional consultancy we provide to businesses at this point, we minimize the errors and risks that may occur. We take the necessary measures to eliminate injuries, accidents, deaths and health problems caused by human error.
What We Do
Within the scope of occupational safety and health consultancy, Aşan Danışmanlık provides support in topics such as analyzing compliance with legal requirements, providing workplace physician and occupational safety specialist, conducting compliance audits, risk analysis, risk reporting, process-oriented trainings, applications.
On the other hand, it ensures the establishment of the OHS board, prepares emergency plans, and enables the necessary training to be given to managers and personnel. It performs extensive exercises thanks to various applications. As a result, it performs checks periodically within the scope of occupational health and safety consultancy.