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Occupational Safety Training in Electrical Works

OHS Training in Electric Works

Purpose of Education: It is aimed to transfer the requirements, control elements and safe working methods in electrical works in order to prevent accidents caused by measures and carelessness that are not taken in electrical works.

Training Content: Part 1: Hazards in Electrical Works and Precautions to Be Taken Hazard in Electrical Works Hazard in Electrical Tools Rules to be Followed in the Use of Electrical Tools Electrical Panels Current Control in Boards Leakage Current Relay Grounding Methods Work Safety Methods in Panel Mounts Measures to be Taken in High Voltage Lines 2: Maintenance of Electrical Appliances, Panels and Transformers Chapter 3: Occupational Safety Training Chapter 3.1 General Occupational Safety Training Accident Theory Risk Assessment Personal Protective Equipment Precautions to Be Taken Against Hazards and Hazards Chapter 3.2 Occupational Safety Training in Electrical Works Activities Competence and Training Requirements Working at Height Safety Equipment Part 4: Field Applications Must Attend: Employees of all levels can participate. Training Period: 2 Days